Wednesday, October 2, 2013

His Name Starts With "A"

His name starts with "A" and we talk about him all the time. "An-Ew" as he is called on this blog was a big part of our four year old's life when we lived in DC. Sometimes, we write letters back and forth with the children dictating what to write and the mother copying verbatim those crucial words that one wants to share with the other, now that we live states away instead of blocks.

"An-Ew" is in the monkey class at his new school. His brother is in a different class and his sister is in the puppy class. LMC tells me this on repeat. She asks questions about him, too. 

"Do you think An-Ew misses me?"
"I know he does."
"Yeah, he does. I miss him, too. He's my DC best buddy. Niece is my Hometown best buddy, but he's my real best buddy. So is Niece. Does JF go to school with An-Ew?"
"He does."
"And Baby Julia?"
"She does, too."

When we say our prayers at night, it starts with me saying, "Now I lay me..."

"Down to sweep. I play the Lord my soul to take. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord Myyyy Soullll toooooo TAKE! AMEN! AMEN! I have to say two Amens. God Bless Mama Bits, Daddy Bits, An-Ew, JF, Baby Julia, Princess Rapunzel, chicken nuggets, Niece, Nephew, Fluttershy, anddddd Daddy."

"Anybody else you want to pray for?"
"Mama Bits?"
"You can pray for her twice, she probably needs it.... Anybody else {cough, cough}?"
"Nope, that's it."
"Good enough for me. I love you. Sweet dreams, sweet potato."

"Sweet dreams, Mommy! Tonight, I will dream about An-Ew and ... do you remember that day we went to the park and.... [insert a memory here]?"
"I do. It was a good day, wasn't it?"
"Yes, it was. Tomorrow, we send him a letter?"
"You bet."

Today, we pulled out our fall tree and cut leaves out of construction paper. We decorated those leaves with glitter, paint, crayons, and permanent markers before hanging them.

"You remember that day in Washington DC when you and me and An-Ew make turkeys out of our hands and hung them on our tree?"
"I do remember. That was fun, wasn't it?"
"It was. I miss An-Ew."
"I do, too. I miss Mama Bits, JF and Baby Julia."


Looking for the glitter, I found a letter made out of pipe cleaners. LMC see it, grabs it and says, "This is the first one we hang on the tree. It's an "A" for An-Ew. I hang it right here, next to the red because his favorite color is red....." .... runs to the tree, climbs on the counter, and hangs the precious "A" first.....

"An-Ew is in the monkey class. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. His favorite color is red. He likes marshmallows. He runs super fast...." She continues to ramble off facts about her long lost friend as she continues to hang her creations. 

She has seen pictures of Zoe on Facebook and said, "Hey! There's Zoe! Remember Zoe? And Miss RP?" We often get asked to call Zoe and tell her "Hello," which we happily oblige.
She has seen letters, pictures, and emails from Caleb and cannot wait to see him at the beach again soon. She talks about Baby Andy, Miss Jessica and 'Misser' Justin. 
She remembers tall Elizabeth and Janey Boo Boo. She references them when we talk about strawberries.
She remembers her friends. She misses them terribly. I can relate. But she met her An-Ew first and loved her An-Ew first. And best. 

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Family Snodgrass said...

Sweet, sweet Eileen. And sweet mama for capturing all this love and sending it over to us. We miss you, too, darling girl and can't WAIT to see you! And I'll take all the double prayers I can get!

Anika said...

This is all just too sweet!