Monday, October 28, 2013

Bennie's Room

Okay, the rooms get less and less done as we get farther and farther to the back of the house. This is just a fact of life. I don't have enough artwork and really don't want to throw stuff up willy-nilly, nor do I want to go up to my eyeballs in debt getting this home complete.

We live with a formica backsplash. It works. My eye twitches when I look at it, but it works. There needs to be landscaping, but we will get there. I hope.

Bennie's room is pink. Pink-pink, like blush and bashful kind of pink. She will probably hate having anything pink until she is 25 (like her mother) kind of pink. She can't talk yet. If she can't talk, she can't have a vote. House rules.

Bennie's clothes are hanging in a neat row in her walk-in closet (because every baby needs a walk-in closet). Because she can't make a wreck of her clothes yet, they hang in a color-ordered pattern. LMC has three dresses haphazardly dangling on two hangers. The differences between infants and toddlers...

I found a fun fabric the other day and pretended that I had crazy-mad sewing skills. Wanting to complete the project and lacking the necessary tools, the window treatment was mounted to a piece of our hardwoods that did not get used.  Husband hung it post-call one afternoon. A window treatment was born.

When MIL came in town last week, top of the list was painting Bennie's chandelier. Second was painting LMC's. These light fixtures came out of our yellow master bathroom. MIL painted Bennie's with pink accents and LMC's with purple accents. She used glass paint and made them look perfect for where they hang.

Recycled chairs that were a "gift" once blue nagahyde ...naugahide naugahyde are now girly and pink. Husband made me a stool and sweet Mr. Carpenter covered it for me to make it look like they were a set. Mr. Carpenter was my secret ace in the hole for dirt-cheap reupholstery. He died last year and I am sad for more than one reason. How sad? He recovered those two chairs for $200, TOTAL.

The crib, ohhhh, the crib. I love the crib. It's wrought iron and beautiful. I bought it for LMC the second I saw it. A friend bought the same crib, with a similar budget. While I opted to hang every-single-article-of-clothing, to hide the fact she didn't have a dresser, she had all of her first born's clothes in stacks lining the floor. Different answers to the same problem -- how to live on love?

And that's Bennie's room. It is soft and sweet, just like she is. Not right now, of course- she hasn't napped today, but yesterday-- yesterday she was soft and sweet.

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Wanting What I Have said...

I'm totally impressed with your MIL's skillz! Bennie's room is sweet, sweet. And I am glad to know of another friend livin on love for a gorgeous crib. ;) Totally worth it!!!