Monday, September 16, 2013

The Pantry

I am obsessed with my pantry. It's kinda sad the amount of time that I spend in the two rooms that encompass it-- not because there are mountains of laundry (there are), but I just really love and have a really OCD outlook on keeping my pantry organized. If I can keep the pantry clean and organized than the rest of the house will follow suit.

I like to think that, the reality is- it's the only place that LMC has no interest in messing up and Husband doesn't have to look for anything in there, as everything has a bin, a spot or a place to call home.

From the door, on the left when you walk in are shelves and shelves of both canned and dry goods. Baskets hang on the walls, there is an extra trashcan that gets a surprising amount of use and our old dining room light fixture adds a little panache in the lime green pantry.

When I ask for something from the pantry, I basically give driving directions. "The Ro-Tel is on the left, second shelf on the left side in the middle," or "Crackers are in the blue and white basket on the left side in the middle of the middle shelf." (The extras are on the top shelf... with the goldfish. LMC lost her ability to get to the goldfish for a while.)

There's a place for grains, pasta, and rice (LS, RS, MS).
There's a place for condiments (LS, BS, MB).
There's a place for tomato products (middle shelf, middle area), canned goods (LS,4S, LS), nut products (LS,2S,MA),  and canned vegetables (LS, BS, LB)

On the right side of the pantry are my baking supplies, the microwave, toaster, and LMC's snacks on the bottom shelf. When she wants a treat- and is given permission- she runs into the pantry and picks out what she wants from her bin. All the kids know where the snacks are and all the kids get to pick out what they want.

Next to her snacks is the basket for the Rice Krispie Treats. We eat a lot of Rice Krispie Treats in this house. I should make them because they are so easy... but when I make them, I have trouble keeping my grubby paws off of them. A tray vanishes in a crazy fast period. So, we buy them and enjoy the convenience of eating them on the way to school, the YMCA, and as a sweet snack after supper.

The top shelf (RS, TS) has all my sweeteners- Splenda, sugars, syrups, etc. 
The second shelf (RS, SS) has all my flours, powders, cornmeals, etc. 
The third shelf (RS, ThS) has a toaster, a microwave, and... let's not share this secret with too many people, but there is a miscellaneous bin. 

Through the pantry is our laundry room. The laundry room usually has a carpet of clothes. Every morning, LMC shucks her jammies and streaks through the house to drop them in the laundry room. This is, amazingly, a time save for me. However, this does mean the clothes are akimbo and strewn throughout the room. 

The best part about this room-- the very best part-- is the deeper than sin laundry sink. That think is a baby scrubber. Bennie gets in there and takes a shower under the faucet. She splashes the water and giggles, giggles, giggles at her placement. Husband built the box under the washer and dryer and I freaking love it. The box raises the appliances to just below eye level. Pre-box, I would sit on the ground to place laundry in the washer or pull it out of the dryer. It was just easier. Now, LMC likes to help me throw things in there and pull things out. 

All those cabinets are full of cleaning supplies, large platters, coolers, and lightbulbs. I am too short to reach most everything in them, so there is a foot stool in there.

Our beloved wine racks from days gone by have spent the last three years in Brother's attic. At one point in our home ownership we thought we would turn the basement into a wine cellar....


Our wine racks now house Enfamil, baking pans, egg stands, paper supplies (not shown), garlic baskets (we use a lot of garlic in this house), onion baskets (we use almost as many onions) and different platters that cannot fit in the cabinet. There are oils, vinegars, and boxes of sandwich bags.

And that's the pantry.

Next up, the mud room? Sure. Why not? It'll be a short post because it only has two galvanized buckets in there. Mostly I am waiting for our bodacious countertops to get installed before I take pictures of the kitchen.


Family Snodgrass said...

Completely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I have pantry envy. -EE