Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Mudroom and The Pantry

I am on a serious roll with house pictures. The pantry is the first door on the left when you first walk in from the garage. A garage, BTW... that neither car fits can fit inside. Both my Tahoe and Husband's (NEW!) Tundra are too tall for the garage door. Sigh.

This is what you see when you open the door with bags of groceries and a baby in a carseat:

Not bad, right? I like it. At some point we will need to replace the door. We tried pulling off a "God Bless America" sticker. Turns out, peeling off a patriotic sticker is like trying to throw away something Religious-- it never pans out well. The sticker is coming off in microscopic pieces that get caught in the wind and, well, they just make a mess. So, G... ess.... Am...r..a will be what our backdoor guests are greeted with. 

In the mudroom are four prints, two pieces of artwork, a red beveled mirror and two galvanized buckets- one marked "Senior's" and the other marked "Junior's":

The buckets help me be both a good daughter and good sister/SIL. When I have borrowed something or something has landed within these walls that is not ours, it gets tossed in the bucket. It's right by the kitchen, the laundry room, the play room, and the garage. After washing the tupperware, clothes, towels, bowls, etc. it is safe and sound. When either a parent or one of the Juniors comes over- they have to check their bucket on the way out. I have a third bucket that is filled with things of friends. When it is empty, it collects shoes from this end of the house- an excellent idea from my SIL.

These girls are iconic in my mind.

Walking through the door directly across from the garage door will land you in the playroom. It used to be a bedroom. It used to have green shag carpet. It used to have faux wood paneling. It used to be something to sing about. Now, well, now it is a work in progress. One day I will hire Yancey to come through and tell me how to make it awesome. In the meantime, it holds a sofa, chair and ottoman that I purchased in 2004. Those suckers are 10 years old and have survived both the twenty-something me and the toddler-something children. Niece and Nephew kept them safe for us while we were in DC. They had their own indoor trampoline, fort building kit, and marker tester. These pieces have certainly seen better days, but ... for now... they will continue to last until we can replace it with something else.

I really wanted to turn this big-ass room into two small rooms, a playroom and guest room... but I got outvoted. He who pays gets two votes. I like to call the walk-in closet our 'media center' (tongue in cheek), all of our books, DVDs, equipment and electrical stuff are tucked away behind a door that can be closed. Better still, I have arranged my books by color:

Behind the red sofa is a chair that SIL kept safe for me.    [doorbell ringing]

 The playroom is the only room on this side of the house. The sliding door looks out onto the patio and into the master bedroom. It's the door that the kids run in and out of, dripping wet.

I know you care more about the pictures and less about the words, so I'm going this short because my buddies from Middle Georgia just walked in the door and they are making fun of me for blogging in their presence. 

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Hoosier cabinet still looks so beautiful!