Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our favorite babysitter

Yesterday, I totally nerded out and put Bennie in an orange tutu. It was an impulse buy, let's be perfectly clear about that. But, every little girl needs an orange tutu, right? She's in her tutu and I find her smocked Easter bonnet.

We were trying to take some pictures so I could subtly brag as to how precious my peanut is.

It wasn't going so well. There were no "blow the doors off" good-looking pictures. Alas, this is what we got...

I have no idea how I turned this into a movable gif, but I thought I'd share.

Not bad, but not awesome.

Then, our favorite babysitter dropped by to give kisses and get slobbered on. Totally made Bennie's day. No more was she interested in holding still for Mom, rather she wanted to play with her best buddy.

She is awesome. 

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