Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting Settled

Okay, so I have had about 544 questions recently about how the house is coming. Husband and I did the math today at lunch and about choked when we calculated just how much we have sunk into this house.

The house we shall hence-forth kindly refer to as The Money Pit.

Let's start at the beginning-- and before we get too far into this, there will be no pictures. No peeks into our life yet, but I promise, promise, promise... Megan comes next week.  When she finishes cleaning up our chaos,  When I get my act together, I will take some pictures and upload those. Promise.

I spent the better part of last weekend cleaning the grout, yes the grout, in the pink bathroom. I can now tell anyone who wants to know that baking soda and hydrogen peroxide do not clean as well as one would hope. Curses to you, Pinterest. After much research, I discovered Oxiclean, hot water, and a gallon of wine can really bring some life back to the grout. Husband asked why I was so in-tune to cleaning the grout, I pretended that music was still playing in my headphones for fear he would see my OCD, as if me head-to-toe in white powder and hydrogen peroxide would not give it away.

This little project was spurred by Re-Bath. We had them come out to give us a quote on the pink bath. I was thinking maybe a four digit number. Paint the tile, paint the tub, throw up a countertop and leave the floor alone. The quote-- are you ready for this-- the quote was twelve thousand dollars. T-W-E-L-V-E. We weren't even in the same number of digits. Drop the comma and we might talk. I sent him on his way and started googling ways to reconcile myself to the pink bathroom. Such a common problem with homes of this age, but no solutions offered.

Every room has been painted. We have a turquoise dining room- Belize is the color if you have a Sherwin-Williams paint wheel. We have a turquoise living room. These rooms are supposed to be very fahn-cee, but while I love me some fahn-cee, I love me some turquoise even more. It's an odd color for the living and dining, but it makes me smile. The living room of any house is always my favorite place. The doors are usually closed, the room usually cool, and the quiet-- oh the quiet, I love the quiet. Living rooms are always clean and full of lovely things. Ours has a grand piano (yep, grand), a chair and a sofa. I want to put a zebra skin rug in there. Husband thinks I am crazy. Meh, we cannot afford it right now- so it just sits in my plans of things to do later. Until then, we ran the hardwoods on a diagonal and it is a fun change from the norm.

We painted the fireplace. Husband was not really keen on painting the fireplace and I ignored him. He said he liked the brick and I pretended to not hear him. He asked me not to put paint on the fireplace because it could be difficult to maintain and I told the painters to go ahead.

He likes the gray fireplace and I love the fact we are one wall closer to getting rid of this icky brick color. By the way, the house is an icky brick color. Red brick would have been beautiful, but we have a brown and white brick that makes your nose curl when trying to describe it. We will paint the house in the future. Probably before I buy my zebra rug.

Our stove has not worked since we moved in. It was an old school white one with black coils and turn knobs. While not original to the house, it was no less than 20 years old. I have gotten very efficient at cooking in the oven, in the microwave, and on the grill.  We found a deal on a new stove. A real deal kind of deal. Like $1500 off the original price kind of deal.

I asked for the manager and told him that we would buy this stove today if they would take some more off the bottom line. Total deadpan on my face. The manager stared at me. I stared back.

"You do realize that this price is fif-teeeeen hun-dred dollars off, right?" as if he emphasized the numbers, I would balk.
"Yes, and if you take off another ten percent, we will take it out of here today," dead pan.
Husband walked off, probably to find a newer wife who was not quite as frugal as his current one.

Who walked out of there with a new stove?

Two thumbs in the air. This girl.

We strung can lights, knocked out a wall, and hung a barn door system for the kitchen. We replaced all the doorknobs. Have you ever thought about door knobs and how many are in your house? We have six doors in our master bath- 10 if you count the closet doors. We replaced all the hardware on all the cabinets and updated our PotScrubber600. The dishwasher was original to the house, extremely noisy and there was nothing efficient about it. Half the pins had broken off. At some point in the last fifty years, the knob broke free and it was superglued back on. I know this because after living in the house exactly 48 hours, I found it in my hand and not on the PotScrubber600. Using the the knob like a key and my cracker-jack safe-cracking skills, I would place the knob on the screw and slowly click it forward until I heard the rush of water. I loved it and was almost sad to see it go. Almost.

A week later, back at the same store. New manager, and a new dishwasher that was mis-marked at one thousand dollars off the original price. How do you mis-mark something $1000 off? Could I possibly profit from one employee's mistake?

You bet your sweet face I could.

That sucker was loaded up in the back of the Tahoe and we were out of there in 15 minutes- maybe the easiest sale ever? Only if you know that I asked for an additional 10% off. Why would anyone ever want to go shopping with me?!

The Money Pit is coming together. We are getting granite countertops installed next week. They came yesterday and made a template for us. After that, we are putting a hold on all things house. I say that, but we do need some updated double ovens, rugs, outdoor furniture, window coverings, and and and.... it will never end, will it?

As Kitty Scarlett says, "I can't think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow."


Aleasha said...

I seriously can't wait to see the pictures! I bet it looks amazing!!!

Aleasha said...

I seriously can't wait to see pictures! I know its looking amazing in there! wish we still lived there!

Aleasha said...

I seriously can't wait to see the pictures! I bet it looks amazing!!!