Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Skeeters will carry me away...

Yesterday's blog was not my best- the pictures were good, but the words were not in the best order. We will have good blogs and bad blogs. At the typing of yesterday's blog, LMC was not not considering eating coins and Bennie was not not crying. The phone was not not ringing off the hook and the doorbell had not not been pressed 144 times. It was a touch of crazy around here.

Today, well at least- this morning, things are a little calmer. LMC is resting on the couch having felt puny this morning and Bennie is sitting in my lap rotating between chewing on my old college t-shirt and gnawing on the ancient desk Husband bought me several years ago.

The week leading up to the Baptism was crazy-insane. My in-laws delivered a new load of furniture and artwork. The workers installed attic fans and LMC heard from my parents 154 times that "the mosquitos are going to carry me away!"

Why do I mention this little factoid?

Husband was on call one night last week. Bennie was finally all cried out and I fixed LMC dinner (hotdog and potato chips with a Capri Sun- MOTY, I know) and told her that I needed to get a shower. Please don't mess with your sister, she is sleeping.

"OK, Mommy. It's okay I watch My Little Pony?"
"Sure" -- this little show buys me 24 minutes to hose off the sweat of the day and decompress for just a handful of those 24 minutes before drying off, dressing and heading back up front to make sure all is as it should be.

19 minutes later, I am a new person- a better mom and just a little more sane.

Walking up front, I see LMC smearing something on her legs. This is gross, I know, but I thought she was smearing the grease from the hot dog on her legs.

in a small whisper, "Dis is da bug spray. It makes me shiny."

Only it was not the grease of the devoured hotdog, it was the container of Vaseline on the chair. She reaches in for a second (fourth?) time and smears another coat on her arms, saying, "Dis so da skeeters don't carry me away."

Hand back in the jar, she spies me spying on her and says, "Hey Mommy. Will you help me put the bug spray on my face? I don't want da skeeters to carry me away."

"Honey, um.... the skeeters won't carry you away."

"I have to cover my whole body to make sure they won't."


A little closer inspection determines that she has, indeed, covered herself from the very tips of her toes to the very last inch of her hair with Vaseline. A hot bath did not melt away the waxy layer nor did the bath soap. We washed and washed her hair (conditioner was not necessary) and made the discovery that Vaseline is an excellent hair gel.

The next morning her skin was silky smooth and her hair was standing on its end, after being washed and slept.

Mental note: Vaseline should be kept out of reach. Lesson learned.

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