Saturday, August 3, 2013


I feel neglectful for having not touched my blog in almost two weeks. To say we have been busy is both an understatement and a lie. We have spent time waiting for estimates, running back and forth to swim lessons, teaching MB (whom I think I shall start calling Bennie on the blog because we have a lot of initials here. Thoughts?) about food and having her cut two teeth. Husband has been working, I have been cleaning, though Megan the cleaning lady might beg to differ with that, and we are slowly trying to get settled and find a level of normal.

There have been two trips to the grocery store, one trip to find a dress (epic FAIL), a beach adventure to our old beach house where we reunited with the Preacher Family. They brought news from home and will be relocating much, much closer to us on Saturday. Charlotte is only about two hours away! Husband made a wine rack, that cannot seem to be finished. Not from lack of work or lack of wine, just over and over and over and over with the sanding and the bond-o and the details. He's a perfectionist when it comes to his handiwork. While I can't blame him, he enjoys it, I kinda want to say "GOOD ENOUGH!" but those two words do not go together in Husband's vocabulary.


This was written three days ago- the last time I touched this computer. It's Saturday afternoon and I need to get a shower, clean our room and make the last details for MB/Bennie's baptism. Opening the computer to catch a moment with my email, I discovered this unfinished blog.

Let it remain unfinished to be a continuation of the knowledge that I am a busy busy bee. Oh man, where does the time go?

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