Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Sweet baby Bennie was baptized this past Saturday. Wanting to keep it small, we kept it to family and the closest of friends. Enfamil Alice is her godmother. Alice should be my godmother, as she is always there for me. Everyone should have a friend like Alice. When I need advice and when I need a friend- she is there. 

A laugh, decoration help, whatever-- she is there.

And I love her. I love and trust her so much, we put our youngest daughter's faith in her hands.

My godfather is my mother's cousin. He's Uncle Pat to me. He and his wife lived down the street from my parents and across the street from my brother-- the circle of trust, as my father calls it. At one point, my grandfather, parents, brother, aunt/uncle, another aunt/cousin, and her son all lived within the neighborhood. It's a big neighborhood, but it's a bigger family.

When I was about six, I gave my godfather a set of pink suspenders for Christmas. He told me how he wore them into a judge's office and popped them out with his thumbs and think he won the case because the judge liked those sharp pink suspenders so much. 

My godmother is my mother's sister, Elf. My mom has three sisters and all four have fabulous nicknames. Elf and my mom are the only two that sign their checks with a nickname and are listed in their high school yearbooks as a nickname. Honestly, I should pay closer attention, because I did not know Elf's name was Kathleen until, well, let's just say it took a long time.

I digress... Our Baptism was brought to you by Costco. While I should not share this secret, let's face facts-- we moved, redid a house, and have been doing things, none of which have involved purchasing a freezer. Where would all my hard work be stored? Would it not be more fun to swim or go to the park instead of slave over a stove (a stove that doesn't work)?

So, it was the Baptism brought to you by Costco. It was yummy, it was easy, it was fun.

It was a lot of fun. The party broke up around midnight. After Mass and the priest giving the godparents a pop quiz about the number of commandments (ten, not seven), which one is the most important (honor thy wife), and forgetting the carseat in the locked church, we made our way back to the house and christened it with the first of many parties.

I called my favorite baby sitter, who is a life guard, and asked if she could help me with the kids by the pool. She happily obliged. It was a huge relief to know she was out there. Parents were obviously out there as well, but it was nice to know that there was a set of eyes dedicated to the pool.

Husband's brother came to town. He has five children and a wonderful wife. His wife is LMC's godmother and he is Bennie's godfather. He is a charming, kind, and gentle person. Husband and I love to spend time with them. Though we are quite different, we always have a hundred things to talk about. In the end, Husband and I agree that we want to strive to be like them as both a couple and as parents. They have five kids and have learned a few things in the rearing of five children. After they left, we talked about the things we noticed that they did with and for each other. The love they have between them is so raw and so gentle. Those two are truly a team and each sincerely has the other's best interest at heart and at mind. 

It is wonderful to spend time with family.

Bennie wore the dress that LMC was baptized in and was a perfect angel. With it being August, the church was hot. One guest remarked that they were sweating like a "wh*re in ch... ." Before Mass, I was standing in the back with the excuse of keeping the baby calm, but the reality of standing next to the air conditioning vent. When the priest saw us and met Bennie for the first time, she was naked. It was hot and I wanted to get her dressed at the church.... and we were running late (shocking, I know). Father said we could easily do this Baptism in her diaper; the baby must be hot (said the man in two layers of cassock over his clothes.)

"That's all fine and good in theory, Father, but my mother would kill me if she even knew that I stepped foot in here without this baby fully dressed."

"Fair enough."

It was a good day.

My brother was there. And that made me the happiest of all. He is LMC's godfather and I adore him for being there, both at LMC's baptism and Bennie's-- for very different reasons. For LMC's, he stood and accepted the challenge with love to take LMC's faith in his hand and heart. For Bennie's, he stood and smiled and was there. There with us, not in our hearts- but here, on this earth, with us.

His life has changed in such a strong way and every day is new and challenging to him. Perhaps every day is a Baptism by fire for him, learning new things and trying to accomplish things new ways and baptizing his feet to move forward and his arm to work and heart to grow and and a.....nd. And. 

And our daughter was Baptized in the faith we were raised in. Perhaps she will be Catholic for the rest of her life like her mother, perhaps she will convert to a new faith as Brother did. She can do anything- and she will be forever loved by us and raised in a house of faith in the unknown, faith in God, and faith in love. 

Because that is what we have- Faith.

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