Saturday, July 6, 2013

Silence is golden?

No. It's not.

It hurts and it's loud and it just plain stinks.

The good news is I can't hear MB cry out or LMC whine, so there is a silver lining.

Right after we moved home, Nephew had a cold- who promptly gave it LMC... who in turn gave it to Husband, who graciously gave the gift to MB... who then gave it to me.

The cold starts out with the usual leaks from the nose, before a sore throat sets in... only to conclude with pink eye and painful ears. We were a beautiful messy bunch. One by one we went down and one by one they came through the other side.

This girl, on the other hand, is shaking her fists at the moving gods and cursing all things mucous and puss oriented.

Yeah, I said it.

A week ago, I thought I was coming through the other side. Turns out, I was just making a sharp turn to crazy-ville. My ear drum ruptured Sunday morning and started bleeding... profusely. Like one of those scenes from a bad movie where the guy is poisoned and starts bleeding from his ears. I called Husband to see if I was dying. The pain was so intense, my knees buckled and I was dizzy. I cried.

A trip to Urgent Care found not just one bad ear, rather four. MB was still in the throws of painful ears. We got a ration of antibiotics and a follow-up appointment for 10 days later. Fast forward 36 hours and my second eardrum has ruptured with all the ...ahem... fluids that go along with that.

My knees buckled. I was dizzy. I cried.

For the past seven days, I have not been able to drive, watch TV [without running everyone out of the room], or hardly think-- because ears are used for a lot more than just hearing. Husband sequestered me to the other end of the house for sleep as the tossing and turning got to be too much.

Earaches are not for sissies.

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