Sunday, June 2, 2013


Her favorite colors are Pink, Purple, and RAINBOW. In that order. 
Now that she is four, she can jump really high.
Four years try something new every day (and most days are not every day).
She loves Henry Hugglemonster and My Little Pony.
We disagree about wearing socks with her shoes. She does not want them and I do.
Sleeping in Mama's pink shirt is the end-all, be-all of great things.
She already cannot wait to be five and wakes up most every morning with the question, "Mama, am I five yet?"
Her best friend is Ahn-Drew. Her udder best friend is Daddy. Mommy is just okay.
Putting pahn-ties on her head makes her laugh incredibly loud.
Four years old learn to swim.
Her favorite drink is chocolate milk. Her least favorite is water. Mine is just the opposite. 

She's clever. Yesterday, she saw the Pedialyte at the top of a cabinet and asked what it was. I said it was for when she is sick. She promptly said she had a tummy ache.
Four years old color in the lines, mostly and can clearly type their names-- with some help with where the letters are. 
Four year olds have purple rooms, blow big bubbles, and wants to be a doctor like her daddy.
She things Hello Kitty is pretty awesome. As are Mama's shoes, her Twinkle Toe pajamas, and her sparkly shoes. 
She tells MB not to cry. "Don't cry, MB because I'm your big sister."
Four year olds point out the "WASH-ing-TON Mom-U-Mint" and stare at fishies. 
At four, every cupcake should have four candles. 
Mostly, we convince her to try new things by either stating the fact (a) Rapunzel loves it --or-- (b) It will make her hair grow so long and beautiful. This did not work with the black bean and she went to bed really quite hungry.
Occasionally, now that she is four, she tells me that she can have a sip of my Diet Coke.
She has great ideas. "HEY! I've got a great idea!" Usually, her idea of great idea and my idea of a great idea are two different things.
If she could live in her Rapunzel dress- she would.
She's crazy. 
She's heart wrenching.
She's the light of our lives.
And she's four. 


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