Friday, June 28, 2013

Because everyone needs an aunt like SIL

I'll come up with a better name than SIL for SIL- but, for the moment, SIL works just fine.

Everyone needs an Aunt SIL.

Aunt SIL's have beautiful babies and created two cousins for LMC:

And everyone needs a cousin like Nephew-- LMC looks up to him and wants to do everything like he does. It's both cute and ... hell, it's just really cute. I hope this big brother protectiveness lasts well past kid-dom and into high school and college-dom.

"Nephew! Watch me! Watch me!" Usually trying to copy exactly what Nephew did, even if it is not the most lady-like thing. An excellent example of this would be when Nephew makes flatulence noises with his hand and armpit. Boys are still boys.

Niece is no exception. "Mom, it's okay I wear Niece's clothes?" "Mom, Niece does it." "But Mom! I don't want to ______. I want to play with Niece." and so the list goes on.

Whatever Niece can do, LMC can do better and bigger and bolder and smarter and wittier and all those sibling rivalry things that they do. Niece, in turn, can do anything LMC does with greater zest, zeal, lust, emphases, and gusto.

They're cousins, but they are going to grow up next to each, sharing friends, clothes, stories, and probably boyfriends.

I digress. Everyone needs an aunt like SIL. I had three of them. Those aunts that love you as their own, take you under their wing as their own and throw you in the mix as their own. When my mom was sick, my aunt drove to Augusta, picked me up and cared for me for several weeks while she healed. When I had any sort of questions or trouble that I was too afraid to talk to my mom about, another aunt would be a phone call away- stopping work to talk to me and sort through my angst. The third always knew where to hide the beer.

And I can already tell-- Aunt SIL will be those three women rolled into one. Loving, firm, caring, and able to hold secrets close to her chest, while still giving the advise a mother cannot.

Poor Niece... the last three days she has been with me, I've made her cry as many times. I'll get there....

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