Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yesterday Afternoon

Yesterday, a few of us were going to do "a day in the life" and link up our blogs. It would give us a chance to make a great memory and a fun way to see how our lives overlap in this great big city.

I forgot. 

Correction, I remembered.... but not until about 11am yesterday. So, I'm flying solo here and giving the "from lunchtime on" caption.

Husband's parents are coming in town in a few weeks for his graduation. LMC and I had to take a check to the neighboring apartment complex to pay for the guest suite. LMC with her Rapunzel Baby and I with MB- dueling strollers, we headed out on the brick sidewalk in DC. 

I promised LMC that we would make strawberry jam, so we got right on that.

Using this recipe-- because what about Bon Appetit doesn't scream "working with a toddler?!"

I fixed a stellar lunch, of which she ate exactly half. We lacked bread. Mental note: add bread to the grocery list. 

After lunch, we set to making the tea biscuits for the strawberry jam to go on. That green stuff is lime zest, which really perked these puppies up! 

LMC was surprisingly helpful painting the egg, making thumb prints and dripping the homemade jam. Mental note: when homemade jam has been made, remember not to dip the spoon into the jam after it has been on the raw egg. It can't be salvaged and the fear of salmonella is real.

We sent a picture to Husband to tell him we were having a great day...

And then it was time for Baby Rapunzel's nap. 

Husband found out that his shift was canceled (read: he read his schedule wrong), so I told him to pile in with my plans and come have a drink with Mama Bits and I at the Portrait Gallery. I loaded up MB, and her snotty nose before getting around to drying my hair and putting on makeup. Makeup is a new addition to my routine. My allergies are killing me- runny nose, red skin, the works. I'm attractive without it, promise.

I made the discovery that I don't lack metro cards. After taking this picture, I'd find another two... one of these cards has $123.50 on it. Don't ask me which one. One doesn't work, one has $13.45, and the others? I have no idea. 

I love taking the metro. It is a little more difficult with two now, but with Husband in tow... well, it makes things easier (and a little more complicated). Typically, I'm holding LMC's hand and she trots along beside me. MB is in the sling and we carry only the bare essentials, needing only the things we did not pack. With Husband, there's a stroller, a diaper bag, a whiny kid saying she needs to be carried, and a plethora of metro cards. It means we are ready for the apocalypse, which was good-- because I forgot to pack LMC's supper, but had enough snacks to cover my tracks.
We hitched up and made the second train. LMC sat next to Husband and MB was strapped in her stroller. We were off!

Mama Bits picked up sushi for all of us and we took turns holding babies, wrangling wet kids who ran through the fountain, and checking diapers. She's truly Super Mom.

This was a last second decision to press the camera button one more time, how glad am I?!

I tried to tell Husband that this was all Mama Bits' third baby... the mess, that is. He laughed and told me he knew better, he has seen our house. He was right...

After Mama Bits headed out, we started wrapping up. MB had a diaper change, I cleaned up and the security guards kicked us out.

We Uber:ed home, which is my other favorite way of transportation around the city. I'm seriously going to miss Uber. 

We headed home... that's our house-- with the curtains and the lamp in the window. I always look for it when we drive this way.


LMC got a bath while MB and I watched TV.

There were kisses before a storytime with Daddy, who is currently in the midst of The Princess Bride. LMC says, "My real name is Princess Buttercup, but my nickname is Rapunzel." 

We watched The New Girl season finale and Husband grabbed the camera and told me it was time for bed. 

More kisses before passing her off to Daddy and prayers.  

She was already sacked by the time her little head hit her daddy's shoulder, or as we fondly call it-- The Narcoleptor. 

Both babies down for the count, we shut down the house, lock the door, and kiss each other good-night.

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