Sunday, May 12, 2013

We've got a lot going on

It's a quarter to five and I am sitting at the kitchen table watching Husband read a book to LMC and rock MB in her "bee-bopper" chair. I asked if I could take a few minutes to blog on this Mother's Day and then I would return to the world of parenthood.

Alan Jackson is in my ears with a crisp violin and I am still wearing my favorite green Masters visor from our morning outing.

This has been a fantastic Mother's Day. Tunnicliff's for brunch- we walked since it was Mother's Choice. Champagne corks popped left and right for other mothers celebrating. I never noticed how much I liked the sound of champagne corks. No champagne for us this morning- we have been celebrating all weekend. Celebrating Husband having a whole weekend to himself, celebrating spring, celebrating each other, and just celebrating the fact that we can celebrate. It's been a full weekend of being together and these are weekends that make me so happy.

Speaking of celebrating-- LMC got her first kiss last night! We went to dinner with friends last night. The children were dancing to Brittney Spears of Shakira or some other pop glam hard-core singer. I looked over and my eyes got really wide and all I could do.... was just point. The other mom asked, "What? Are they doing something bad?" and wheeled around to see the same thing as the fathers asked what was going on. No words, just pointing from both of us and trying not to laugh.

Preacher Man was the first of us to get a grip and say, "OK, kids- y'all come here." Her boyfriend (his son) says, "That was fun!" while LMC jumped up and down saying (with a good bit of glee), "Do it again! Do it again!"

"Nono, y'all just sit back down and eat your supper."

Being a mother is awesome.

Fast forward back to brunch this morning- we had a round-about stroll on Pennsylvania, purchased a painting at Eastern Market, down past the Folger library, before making our way over to the Capitol where LMC asked (begged) to jump in the water fountain. We saw a memorial bike race for fallen police officers and the beginnings of the stage for the Memorial Day concert. We went to the Botanical Gardens where our little lady watered plants (literally, not figuratively) with a green water pail. She got a daddy-back ride back home thanks to her soaked through shoes. MB fell asleep on the shoulder of her mother while LMC watched Mickey Mouse and Husband took a much needed nap.

I spoke to my mom, my SIL, and Husband called his mom. LMC and MB made me cards with paint and permanent markers. The cards are covered in their tiny paw prints. Husband was worried I would get mad that he used too many paper towels to clean them up. I didn't notice and felt a little guilty that he would worry about that. Sometimes I am too cheap for my own good.

We talked about our fridge and how much I love my {early} mother's day present. What's not to love about an 18.5 cubic foot fridge with LED lights? It screams Happy Mother's Day to me. Husband thinks he is getting the matching freezer for Father's Day. Little does he know, I have a trick up my sleeve (and a present known as Happy Graduation + Father's Day + Happy Culmination of 10 years in training).

MB had her first bites of rice cereal this week. Unlike her sister who gagged and gagged when we introduced it, MB took a lick, spit it out and then screamed until I refilled the spoon and her mouth. She jabbed her thumb in to assist with the inhaling of the cereal. As soon as her thumb was sucked clean, she removed it and wanted more. Once she discovered that some of the cereal ended up on her bib, she took to sucking on the bib until it was both clean of the goodness and soaked through with drool.

This kid ain't starving. She's got the cheeks to prove it.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but after we bought the house- I laid MB out on a blanket and walked out of the room for a moment. When I came back, she was not how I had left her. She discovered rolling over! What a great way to christen the house and make our first memories.

The house is rolling along. Our crew is almost done with the drywalling, the wall has been knocked out, and all the carpet is out. They are laying the sub-flooring for the hardwoods this week and then the floors to follow. The painters should start next week. Turquoise. Green. Purple. Pink. Khaki. While I promised Husband that our house would not be an Easter egg, I could not help but get a little bold in my choices.

The pantry is going to be turquoise. Don't laugh, I'm pumped. If you can't be bold, what can you be? Of course, those lovely formica countertops will have to stay put for the time being. Bit by bit, we will chip away at the house.

We have to buy a vacuum for the pool. And a gate.
Pools are expensive.

I found a high school kid who is going to cut our grass for us. He calls me ma'am.

When did I get old?


Family Snodgrass said...

That last picture of Mattie and Will is just priceless!

Wanting What I Have said...

Ditto to Elizabeth's comment! And woop woop on the house!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rock on. Impressed, and happy for you! :)