Sunday, May 5, 2013

Swinging the Hammer

We closed on our house this past Monday. Officially we are, once again, home owners. 

It feels good. 

After leaving the closing and handing off the nest egg we have been sitting on for three years, we headed over to the house and started wielding hammers and jigsaws the way writers wield pens and fencers, swords. I had my iPhone in my ears with music blasting louder than I would ever allow LMC to play her music and beat the stew out of the hammer on the boards. 

It felt good.

This doesn't look like much, but me and my hammer DOMINATED taking out the louvered doors 

Remember that bar? Yeah, it's gone.

I sweated. I pulled boards. I used power tools. I hammered things for the hell of it. I beat out the frustrations, the anger, the love, the everything. And then I hammered some more. Because I could.

At four every afternoon, we would drink Coors Light and continue to work on this little home that we will raise our daughters in. We kicked back the dust, took down the drapes, and let the light pour. I would take down hardware, nurse a baby, call the [insert any number of people here], take out the trash, blow off the driveway, and then circle back to do it all again. I watched Husband work harder and faster than me, but with an equal mindset of making this home ours. 

To use my hands to accomplish things, use the ax, the saw, and absolutely ruin my pink manicure-- made me feel .... good. Damn good.

My in-laws drove up on Monday from SoWeGa (Southwest Georgia) and the small town that raised Husband with a load from the barn and a slew of tools. FIL helped Husband with electrical shockings and MIL silver leafed the chandeliers, while supplying those Coors Lights and the ever necessary Band-Aid. 

Husband has also become an expert at installing canned lights.
Shockingly so- not being a wise guy, literally-- he got a pretty good shock... or two. 

My parents housed us, fed us, and helped with the girls. Dad pressure washed and handled the yard work. Mom kept the babies entertained and Wife Saver in business. Husband broke a hammer. Literally. 

A father's love, Part I
A Father's Love, Part II

The refrigerator was delivered. It's so beautiful, I actually screamed with glee when I saw it. Please note, that there is no freezer on this fridge. We'll live out of our little freezer that we currently use for MB's milk in our tiny apartment. I think the freezer is 3 cubic feet? In a few months, we'll buy a freezer... and a few months after that-- an ice maker. Slowly, but surely. 

We took the trash out. The trash guys love me. I'm going to bake them cookies. 

We hired Jerry to handle the removing of the paneling, the hanging of the sheetrock, and the knocking out of a wall.
We hired Preston to handle the painting.
We hired Charlie to handle the removal of the carpet, laying of the subfloor, and installation of the hardwoods. 

Obviously, I enhanced this picture... to show what the walls look like now.
Gross, no? reason #87 to not smoke in the house.
(Or, at the very least- reason #23 to paint the walls more than once every 45 years)

4 1/4 inch Hard Maple Hardwoods.
I make a pretty good general contractor. 

Over the weekend, Jerry knocked out the wall. It opens up the whole house. The paneling is down and the work is moving forward. Monday, they will start removing the five different colors of shag carpet (blue, green, pink, white, what-was-once-off-white...). 

My move date has moved slightly, well- not slightly- more like in a few weeks, I will wrap up this adventure and pile our little ladies into the car and head back down South. Some moments, I dread it and other moments, I cannot get home fast enough. Forever, I am reminded that this move is the Right Decision. Husband and I are looking forward to spending time with Brother, SIL, Niece and Nephew. SIL and I are already working on a carpool schedule for the girls, ballet classes this summer, and 'bentures we can find. Husband is scouting birds, fish, and where he can take Nephew with those hours he will have now. Husband might have a house full of girls, but lucky for him- Nephew and Brother live less than a mile up the road. 

We did not get to see much of the Juniors while we were in town- our days were spent at the house and Brother has trouble with a crowd now. When Niece, Nephew, and LMC get together... it's a little chaotic. Brother did get to hold MB for a while and she looked up at him with those big Mama eyes and cooed. It made my heart melt.  Several times, I reached out and patted his arm he can't feel. It's just nice to see him, and to feel those monster hugs and make Brother Sandwiches.

When the paneling came down, we discovered this box of crayons, unused!

FIL and I stayed up one night sitting around the kitchen table talking, just the two of us. We sipped good wine and talked about everything and I mean, everything. We talked about Brother, the farm, his plans, our plans, I think he mostly listened while I talked. And it felt good to talk unencumbered. I love my FIL so much, and I think I love him so much because my husband is so much like him. He has this deep southern voice that commands notice. Yep, I will keep him another day.

Husband and I are also making plans for our family. They are going to start with Pool Party Thursdays. BYOBBB-- beer, baby, and burger. It will be a great way to kick off the weekend, the summer, and get together with all friends, while hopefully making new ones.

We have a ways to go on this project but what'cha think?

This wall... gone.
Thanks, Jerry!


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Wanting What I Have said...

Eeeeeeek!!!!! LOVE IT ALL!!! And cannot wait for y'all to be "home!!!" Btw, we still have those "nicotine, tar, smoke" stains in several rooms. Yuck! Time, money, and paint. ;)