Monday, May 20, 2013

Moving in the right direction

I hate to be short and sweet, but LMC is using scissors sitting next to me. Since she started school this year, she has started using her right hand instead of her left. She is not nearly as dexterous with this one,  but you can't tell her otherwise. 

MB is disagreeing with being in the pack and play.

So, let's talk, shall we? 

(Mom! It's so much easier to rip instead of cut! Watch!)

I asked a friend to head over to the house and give me her thoughts. She selflessly threw herself on the sword and headed over to the swanky 1964 ranch to check it out. It made me feel good for someone with such great taste to walk through and fall in love with it and see the potential the same way we did. She and her husband came up with ideas we had not seen yet and evolved some of our thoughts. After spending an hour on the phone last night, we hardly scratched the surface.

(See all the tiny pieces, mommy!?)

Husband heads home tomorrow to check out the house and play a round of golf before turning around 48 hours later to return home. Imagine what course you'd fly twice in almost as many days to play? Yep- he's excited. So am I! I can't wait to hear about both the house and the game. Jerry will do a walk through with Husabnd to make sure everything is up to speed before discussing the installation of a fence around the pool.

(Mom, can you cut this piece smaller? Wait! Watch me do it!)

Less typing... more pictures.

this! this! this! I had no idea that THIS would look THIS good!

Not bad, right? I am pretty excited.

Now... to pick out the colors for the walls.
And the trim.
And the crown molding (moulding?).
And the cabinets.
And the bathroom cabinets.
And the windows.
And the whatever-else-I-am-forgetting.

That's a lot of pickin'... I'm calling in the troops.

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