Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Floored by floors

Let's back up two days, shall we?

LMC turned 4. It was awesome. She blew out candles, ate breakfast in her room, and received an "Allie Oopsie" doll. Oops is one of those words that I always screw up. O-P-P-S is how I want to spell it. Spellcheck gets me every time. All the while, Husband was laid up in bed, sick. as. a. dog. He was so sick that he actually took off Tuesday from work, something that I have never seen him do. Husband slept for 48 hours, consumed half a can of Campbell's Wild Rice Soup, threw up once, lost five pounds, and his fever never went below 100.1. Poor LMC, I tried to make up for it with a birthday pedicure, which turned into a birthday pedicure, manicure, and eyebrows.

"I want pink, purple, pink, purple, pink, purple. Oh, and flowers on them, please."
"Mama, you just get dark purple toes."

The ladies obliged. They were tipped huge.

She wanted snacks for supper- so she had goldfish, Ritz crackers, Cheerios, and Dora Bites. Mommy had wine and hummus. The next day, LMC had school where she wore a "Birthday Rapunzel" crown made of pink and purple construction paper-- two of her three favorite colors.

"My favorite colors are pink, purple, and RAINBOW!"

During school, I continued going through cabinets, closets, toys, and drawers. Having hit probably 1/2 of the apartment, eight trash bags were tossed. EIGHT. That's a little embarrassing. Why did I think I needed to hang on to the white Gerber onesie covered in stains? Right. I'm cheap. Thanks.

LMC wanted to help when she got home and started asking why this pile was going in the white bag and that pile was going in the box-- and no pile was going in her room.

"But those are my ladybug boots! I love them! See........ they still .... well, they a little tight."
"THOSE DORA SHOES ARE MINE! I love Dora! They not too tight."

One box turned into three boxes to create the utmost organization, all the while LMC jumping up and down and saying any number of things that made my eye twitch.

"LMC, would you like to watch Henry Hugglemonster?"
The cable was out.

My eye twitches a little more.

"LMC, grab 'your' iPad and watch My Little Pony while I finish this project up."
The internet was out.

Screw the project- "LMC, let's get our shoes on and go out--"
It was raining.

Husband asleep in the bed, oblivious to the bouncy kiddo.

At some point, I think I started convulsing.

Around 6, LMC, MB, and I were in the amenities building to watch TV...
the sound was not working.

Holy Smartphones, Batman. I had to do something.

I sipped my wine, called my parents, and let LMC play on the pool table. Surely, a four year old playing on this table is not the worst thing that it has seen.

Throughout this, I talked to Jerry the handy handy contractor, Preston the Painter, Charlie the floor guy, and Eddie the plumber. Love 'em!

Eddie needed a 4 inch wide spread on faucets for the pink bathroom. I ordered a 4 inch mini spread. We opted to get new sinks in lieu of me sending them back to get the right ones, thus losing a week in the process. When your pink sinks are this beautiful:

Why would it ever cross our minds to get rid of them?  Because... your end result for your pink bathroom, with the pink tile and the pink potty and the pink bathtub.... and the pink counter could be just a little less... pink... when Eddie's your plumber, this is what can happen in no time flat:

SO much better, right? Don't get me wrong-- it's still pink. But it is just a little less, um, what's the word I am looking for? Dreadful? Hooray! It's coming together! For the meantime, I am going to paint the countertop white, which will be an easy band-aid until we can rip it out and replace it.

Preston said the house wasn't ready to be painted. I changed my mind four times on colors. New French Gray? Proper Gray? Old World Gray? Aloof Gray? Rare Gray? Honestly- this does not have to be that hard. He asked if we were keeping the fans. I told him we were tossing the ugly ones and keeping the new ones.

"Which ones are the ugly ones?"

Dude. Never send a man to do a woman's work.

Jerry and Preston hooked up and figured out who was doing what when. Crisis averted.

Backup-- How'd I find Preston the Painter? Preston grew up with Brother. Remember the story about Brother and the sprinkler system? Yep- Fr. Preston, who baptized all the Catholic school kids on that hot May day is the now Preston the Painter. Preston and I were laughing about that when he came over to give us an estimate. He said that he ran into Fr. Costigan a few years ago. The first words out of his mouth were, "You were that kid that cut the sprinklers on during Mass, weren't you?"

"Yessir, I was."

Hometown. Gotta love it.

And then.... Charlie the floor guy. I love Charlie the floor guy. He's easy to work with, knowledgable, and has an 11 handicap. Seriously, if you need floors done- call Charlie. He is steady fetching and stepping getting things squared away. Husband is kinda tickey about, well, everything. Especially floors. Especially wood floors, as he is a self-proclaimed wood snob. With the floors being the majority of the budget from our little nest egg, we were both on edge as to what these would look like.

So pleased with the results!

Okay, enough of my commercials-- Charlie called and said there was just a "little" problem with the back bathroom. The tile was laid down with about 2 inches of concrete and mud. In over an hour, this is as far as he got:

And it was determined that we would not be laying hardwoods in those 30 square feet. On to shopping for tile! I figured that since it was only 30 square feet, why not go all out with something like this? And at $110 a square foot, really... it's child's play. Right? RIGHT? It makes this...

 which starts at $73 a square foot seem really quite affordable, no?

Yeah, Husband wasn't buying that logic either.

I think I'm going to end up with plain Jane white, which will be fine. I guessssssss. Sigh.


Beth Bates said...

Unusual grey is a winner at Casa de Bates! :)

Beth Bates said...

Unusual grey is a winner at Casa de Bates!

BettieBoyd said...

Hi Rachel! Popular Grey is Charles and Kim's color. C's joke is that it was less popular once he did his 18th wall. Still love your pink bathroom!Just like the one my sister and I had as children.