Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1000 days

By the time we leave, we will have lived in this great city for 1000 days. Almost exactly. Yes, I did the math.

We have survived...

two earthquakes
a flood
scary flights in turbulence
four power outages
a baby's trip to the hospital
several marriages
a tornado
a birth
two deaths
a heart attack
a stroke
several seizures
three hurricanes
financial woes
the flu
metro adventures
an adult health scare
a move
fits being thrown
two Disney on Ice dates
MOTH fights
two car accidents
an investment in a new carseat
Husband saving a life in an elevator
train rides
an election
rent checks
Wife saving a girl in the pool
a Catholic Confirmation
an Inauguration
a new Pope

Husband has walked through the bowels of Union Station while the Capitol police were trying to talk a man down from jumping off the H Street Bridge. I have been through the bowels of the Library of Congress- mostly because I got really really lost.

I've toured the Capitol.

There was a royal wedding. Our invitation was lost in the mail.

I have seen four shows at the Kennedy Center.

LMC and I have been to Arlington a dozen times. My SIL still thinks it's pretty unusual (weird) to take my daughter to a cemetery to stretch her legs. If you lived here, you'd know and understand.

A Congressman from Florida has been our neighbor.

We have watched this neighborhood improve and families move into our building. We have seen children grow and restaurants pop up all over the Atlas District. We are still waiting for the trolley to be installed (anticipated date of completion, October 2010).

I have learned to get around without a GPS.

We got new iPhones. I broke two. Wait. Three. I broke three iPhones.

We've been stopped by races, marathons, tri-atholons, and more motorcades. There have been bomb drills, fire drills, terrorist drills, bio-chemical drills, and evacuation drills.

The Supreme Court voted on Obamacare.
The Supreme Court is hearing testimony on the rights for gays (homosexuals?) to have a lawful marriage.
A friend was sworn in to argue before the Highest Court.

We have been to Florida, Maryland, Delaware, Georgia, Alabama, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Virginia, and the Bahamas.

I got my first schlack manicure. Husband saw the bill and was unimpressed. I started paying in cash.

Husband tuned his guitar and picked up his golf clubs again. He went fishing in the Keys.

We've made friends.
We've made amazing friends.
Those kind of friends that will carry you through this life and make this chapter and this adventure extraordinary. I don't think I would have had nearly as much fun if I did not have them. I don't think I will miss this place as much as I will if it were not for them.

We did story time at the Library of Congress more than once and discovered it was closed on Sunday.

I learned to parallel park with my eyes closed.

My FIL retired.
My MIL became an RN.

They broke ground on the last new Smithsonian building.

I joined an alumnae association.
High school kids started calling me m'am.
Gray hair sprouted.
9:30 became a perfectly acceptable bedtime.

We turned 30. Twice.

We've potty trained. She learned to stand, walk, and then run all in a week's time. She learned to have a proper level of fear for cars. She found friends and a gregarious personality. I hope she never loses that.

I walked over 3000 miles in 1000 days. I went through four pair of tennis shoes. Mom made me buy all new flip-flops. I tossed all of Husband's socks and replaced them.

Husband turned down job offers.

I learned to knit and sew and am only slightly below average in the sewing department. Let's not talk about the knitting. I fell in love with photography.

We have been caught in the rain, kissed in the rain, and covered our children from the rain.

Husband has been published four times.

LMC and I have climbed the steps of the Lincoln Memorial four times, been to the Vietnam Memorial almost a dozen, and visited the WWII memorial six times. We went to the Tidal Basin once, FDR memorial once, and picked about 376 "puffy flowers."

We've been to the arboretum, IKEA, all the Smithsonians on the mall, the Building Museum (for the playtime, not for the tour), Post Office museum (you can skip it), Police Officers memorial, and the beach- twice.

Shopping in Georgetown for Christmas was one of my most favorite things.

Buying the first tree from Eastern Market was a close second.

We never took the train to New York, but we did take two Disney Cruises.

Husband accepted a job.

We bought a house.

We pulled out the carpet, knocked down a wall and are getting ready to paint.
We hired movers.
We paid our last rent check.

We are getting ready for the next chapter. This chapter will involve college football games, YMCA soccer games, Mexican food, time on the farm, playing golf, trips to the lake, Husband finishing his boat, swim lessons, golf cart rides, and family. Lots of family.

The pace will slow down but time will speed up.

It's been a hell of a ride and I am already wondering what the next 1000 days will hold.


Anonymous said...

you have a way with words, thanks for sharing. -TB

Julie said...

Good luck to you and your sweet family! Elizabeth and family will miss you dearly - I am so happy y'all became friends and am sad that she has to see you go!
Have a safe journey!
Julie Snodgrass
(Elizabeth's mother-in-law)