Friday, April 19, 2013

The House

The house, the house, the house.

There is so much to say about ... the house. I'll try and keep it to a minimum.

Did I mention the house was built in the sixties? We are investing in a good jig saw to cut off those loop-de-loops under the cabinets.

And let's not get started on the ultra-hip stainless backsplash... on top of the formica.

The paneling is going to come tumbling down...

But those cabinets are staying.... not kidding. I'm going to paint them. Honest. They're in the laundry room, and it will be a good place to practice my skills.

 Every room needs a little something... some more than others.

The terra cotta floor is staying, mostly because I have discovered that it is a PITA to remove. We will be laying hardwoods around it. As I sit and type, Husband is on the phone with the sawmill. Maple? Not the syrup, rather the floors. Most hardwoods are oak, either red or white, and most floors are 3 1/4 inch. MOST. Ours are going to be hard maple and will be 4 inch.

See this window? It's big, right? It's 23.5 feet. Oddly enough, that's the same length as the entire pool room/play room/too-large-to-be-a-guest-room,-but-still-has-a-full-bathroom-room. At some point in the future, we will replace them with french doors. I wanted to try Lanai doors, but they were quoted at over $30,000.... yeahhhhhh.... about that.  It's probably for the best though, because ... really... in Georgia... in August? notsomuch.

Some things are staying....

Some things are going...

Some things are too big to deal with right now.

But every room has a NuTone speaker. Did you know NuTone is still in business? No lie. They even have a website. I emailed to ask them if we could get a refund on these parts.

They said no.

Lots of new lights are in order...

And new pulls.

Did I mention the NuTone?

Even outside.

But, we are keeping the slate floor. Surrounded by hardwoods. The slate floor goes from the front door, wraps around the living room and into the hallway, where it will go back to hardwoods. It's an "L" shaped floor and we think it will be cool.

LMC wants to keep the wallpaper in her room.
I disagree. Only wine can make you that drunk. My eyes are getting crossed just looking at it right now.

The glorious pink bathroom. Everyone needs at least one at some point in their lives... I've had several. There are two pink sinks. Sweet. TWO.

And apparently... the white floor tile was cheaper than the pink?

With a pink potty... the little girls have a pink bathroom. What's not to love? It will get updated... but not immediately.

These two doors go into the master bath. There are two more doors. The one on the left goes to the shower. The one on the right goes to the bathtub. And in between the shower and tub....

The yellow potty. We have a rainbow of potties. Thank goodness.

And again with the tile.

I ordered some cabinet pulls today and doorknobs. Those are things that no one wants to spend money on, but they make such a difference in a house. I called the company and asked if they could knock off some of the price and they did!! You never know unless you ask! And now I know.

We are waiting on some quotes from general contractors and painters. We head back to Hometown in 10 days to close on the house and spend a few days getting it ready for the crew to come through and make it ours.

Can't wait!


Wanting What I Have said...

Whoop woop!!! Super excited for y'all!!!!!!

Family Snodgrass said...

Oh my. This is really happening. :) and :(