Friday, April 5, 2013

Thank you.

From across the country, friends- internet friends and non-internet friends- have reached out to me asking how Brother is doing. And I have not updated the blog because I really had nothing to report. On one hand, no news is good news. But, when you live so far away- radio silence might as well be deafening because the mind wanders where it wanders. When you can't sit in an uncomfortable chair, eat stale turkey sandwiches, and make 10 trips to the cafeteria in a day-- you just feel...


Not wanting to bug my SIL, rather wanting to know she is loved and adored- I prayed for her. When I finally got to speak to her, I told her that she and Brother dovetailed together so well. They each picked up the other's strengths and helped combat the weaknesses. I think I might have used the term "ying and yang."

God truly has a plan.

Everyday was going to be discharge day and everyday was not. As frustrated as I was with the not-knowing and only getting a handful of phone calls a day, I had to remember that I am only one person. 

With two functioning arms, seizure free, and still with an ability to drive. 

His blood pressure was high and it stayed that way. They kept him as a precautionary, waited and watched to see what would happen. The tests came back clean and clear. There were no cracked ribs. He could finally...

finally go home. 

The doctor prescribed lots of rest, no stress and physical therapy to start back after Masters. He slept in his own bed last night, the first time since Easter Sunday, with his wife by his side and the children down the hall. I hope it was a sound sleep with the promise of health and a new day before him. We head home tomorrow and I look forward to seeing him. We will be home for 10 days.

We will celebrate life as we do this time of year.
We will celebrate love as we can.
We will celebrate the "good side" of the dirt.
We will give thanks. 

He will mend, of that I am certain. It will just take time.

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