Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pretty Cool Day

LMC and I got to see some pretty cool things today. The weather was perfect for an impromptu Wednesday 'benture!

We asked Miss Kim to leave a vase outside so we could pick some flowers for her. She obliged with a wide-mouth Ball mason jar. She's so urban. 

Off to the mall to pick daffodils and "white fluffy ones" we would stop, pick, blow, and hang tight to until the next flower. After flower picking, we wound around the mall from the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, reflecting pool, WWII memorial and home again. 

One of the things I will miss the most about this great city is the WWII memorial and seeing the men who fought for us with no idea that generations later a mother would meet a vet at a memorial for their sacrifice. That mother would tell her 3.75 year old that this man put his life on the line for us. This man, with gray hair and wrinkles was once my age, with a family of his own and left them for the greater good. This man deserves our thanks and our appreciation. My sweet daughter would look at this gray haired man and say, "Danks for your service!"

A mother can be so proud.

Allow me to be lazy for a moment and do a blog in pictures? Mostly because MB is crying in my lap...

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