Saturday, March 30, 2013

No Details Yet

You'll have to forgive me if this post is a little out of sorts. My in-laws shipped up Easter goodies to the girls last night. One gift was a pink bunny that repeats anything it hears while jumping up and down. LMC is enthralled and tells it all sorts of things.

It's, um, well... I'm waiting for it to lose its luster so as to misplace the batteries. MOTY, right here.

As I type, the bunny is repeating the sound of the zipper from the lunch box it has been enclosed in. LMC running around screaming, "Mommy! My lunchbox is talking!" only for the lunchbox to repeat those words and jump around, "Mommy! My lunchbox is talking!" and so the cycle continues.

My eye is starting to twitch.

I have received so many text messages, emails, phone calls, and facebook posts asking about the house. So far, so good. We have not received the actual report yet, that will be on Monday, but the verbal communication between Bill (the inspector) and Husband was that we made a much better pick this time!

"But, Mommy! I didn't give theeeese up for Lent!"
     "But Mommy! I didn't give theeeeese up for Lent!"

That thing has got to go.

Back to the house. Not seeing the report, there is a shower that has a rusted water pan underneath and is leaking. I know the man that can take care of that. Love me some Weigle Plumbing! That was the main thing that was reported to us, otherwise-- again-- haven't seen the report-- we should be in good shape.

"Oh, Toodles!" says the TV
   "Oh, Toodles!" says the toy
       "Oh, Toodles!" says the daughter
            "Oh, Toodles!" says the toy again

Anytime the bunny is ready to see the dark side of the toy box, I'm ready.

I mentioned some details before, but- I have to say, I am really excited.

Almost as excited as I am about that toy finding an early grave.

With the five bedrooms, there are three full baths. One has brown tile, one has yellow tile (the master bath), and the girls bath has pink tile.

In my life, I have owned three homes. All three homes have had a pink bath. It's destiny. Husband says it'll be the first thing to go... after the carpets, the wall paper, and brown cabinets in the kitchen.

The master bath with the yellow tile is made up of four rooms and seven doors. There is a room for the shower, a room for the salle de bain (that'd be French for the word that starts with "T" and ends with "oilet"), a room for the bathtub, and a room for the two sinks. There are three closets. It is a lot of space, just not laid out well for 2013. It'll take some work, but we'll make it fabulous. Over time.

The girls will each have their own room and we will make the fourth bedroom in the back of the house a playroom, as it has a door that goes out to the pool area. Not a smart place for a toddler's room. Or a teenagers room.

The fifth bedroom is at the other end of the house off the kitchen and it is large. Too large, really, to be considered a bedroom. I am trying to convince Husband that, long term, we will need to add a wall to make the space more practical for a bedroom. For the meantime- we are contemplating watching the classifieds for a pool table. We both love to play, but neither of us has touched a cue in a long time. All in good time, though.

The kitchen. Woah. The kitchen. Let's just pause for a second and talk about the kitchen. It's a shell of something that will be amazing. It is awesome. Well, hold on. It will be awesome. It has a great layout and is wide enough to place a farm table in the middle of it. It has oodles of cabinets. It has zilch in the appliance department. In researching appliances, Husband discovered that they make candy apple red ovens and microwaves.

candy. apple. red.

Can't you just see it?

We will paint the cabinets and replace the hardware. Have you ever thought about hardware? Well, if you have ever thought that your hardware needs updating, you have. Even if the pieces are $2 a piece, each cabinet needs three pieces (two hinges and one pull)- that is $6 a cabinet if you can find them on sale. And, finding an attractive pull for $2 is harder than you think. I have no idea how many cabinets are in my new kitchen, but I know that there are 22 cabinets in my current kitchen that is a third of the size. And we haven't mentioned the drawers yet.

It's the little things.

Speaking of little things, we have started looking at hardwoods. Brother, who is a lumber broker, was quick to tell me that I have Cadillac tastes and a Pontiac budget. He's right. And if we are laying hardwoods over 4000 square feet, even a Pontiac budget will be tight.

"Mommy! Sophia is on!"
   "Mommy! Sophia is on!"

Grandparents have a special place in my heart. Especially when they give toys like this GD bunny.

MB is starting to cry and if the bunny picks up the noise of her tears, I might throw it out the window- the bunny, not the baby. So, we'll close the rambling for now and update once I have the inspection report in front of me. Hooray!

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