Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I wish this were about silver polish.

I polished almost all my silver yesterday with silver polish purchased in these regions. Not Recommended. The silver was washed, polished, rinsed, sudsed, dried, and buffed... only to have to be rinsed and buffed again. Cheap silver polish will never do in my household. The shops up here should know that nice silver needs nice polish. To make my point, is there such a thing as silver that's not nice?

A few weeks ago, a friend was preparing for her daughter's baptism and I volunteered (stalked, really) to polish her silver. Donning an apron and tarnished fingers, I gently scrubbed with a toothbrush the intricate designs of beautiful pieces, careful to not scratch the flat places where the silver shone in the light, switching tools to a silver sponge. She looked at me more than once, skeptical that I was enjoying myself.

Polishing silver is one of those chores I love to do. If it were a job that paid, I'd be all over it.

As a "thanks" present, her Aunt Bettie swears by Hagerty's Spray Polish and a blue can, large like a can of hair spray from 1984, landed in my lap today. Move over Wright's Cream of my youth, I have a new definition of what's the best. Spray, wait, wipe. Done.

My manicure is toast and my fingers are black, but my silver is beautiful.

This, however, is not the point of my story.

While I was playing with my new toy, LMC was nowhere to be found. Really, I should have been paying more attention... but seriously- spray, wait, wipe... done. On and on I sprayed, waited, wiped, and was finished... and still, no LMC.

Should have paid more attention.

After several pieces (and repolishing some from yesterday), I turn around and see my angel standing there.

Covered in my makeup.

Mascara on her eyes, careful not to disturb the eye shadow on her lids- up to her eyebrows. She put "primer" on her lips (vaseline) and all around her cheeks and nose before applying her lip gloss on her lips and up her nose. Blush. Blush everywhere. I didn't know that I even had any blush- makeup has evolved over the years (speaking of 1984...). She pursed her lips and said, "I so b-u-Tee-full Mommy?"

"Indeed you are. I wonder what kind of mess is in store for me in my bathroom?"

"Don't worry, I cleaned it all up. The lid is on."

"ohhhh. Good. Let's FaceTime Daddy so he can see your handiwork."

And Pixie.

And Miss Alice.

And Mama Bits.

And Spooky (my aunt).

And Aunt Nancy.

And Aunt Martha.

And Uncle Brother.

And Miss Kim.

And let's go down to the leasing office to show off your handiwork.

Because when you look this good- it's worth showing off.

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Wanting What I Have said...

I want to see!!! And I, too, am obsessed with Hagerty's cream, spray polish, and you NEED the gloves!!! They are the bomb!!!