Monday, March 25, 2013

House Hunting... Part II

Poor Aunt Susie- She finally saw one of my famous Excel Sheets. Formulas that calculate price per square footage, neighborhood, address, price, square footage, and beds/baths were just a few of the cells that were marked for our second round of house hunting.

As we get closer to The Move, it gets a little more real. We picture ourselves in these homes and think about the neighborhood and who are children will play with. After a day of house hunting, Brother invited us to an oyster roast that his Exchange Club hosts. It is the pre-party for the benefit "Cookin' for Kids" that was held on a rainy, dreary Saturday. But the oyster roast the night before? Now, that was a good time. The best thing about it?

Brother wanted to go.

It was like old times. Brother, SIL, Husband, and Wife were together and hanging out. We ate Gumbo from our favorite restaurant, Crum's, which I renamed CRUM-Bo! Andrew Crumrine owns Crum's and has done a bang-up job making the restaurant a wonderful place with a great atmosphere without breaking the bank. When I was pregnant with LMC, he'd deliver a virgin fruity concoction in a martini glass for me. Sometimes it was purple, most times pink- always wonderful. I'd sip it and enjoy Husband's company while we talked about the incubating one. After LMC came to play, we'd take her to dinner with us. Once she got of an age that involved eating, he would always bring her a little plate of strawberries, grapes, and melons... pre-cut for peanut sized hands. Hometown. Love it. 

So, follow us again? 

This was Husband's favorite: 

It looks big, right? Well- trust me. It's huge. Five and a half bedrooms upstairs. A guest suite downstairs. A great room with a large brick back patio and brick wall surrounding the back yard. We stood outside and looked straight up. When was the last time you did that under a pine tree? I'd forgotten about pine trees and how tall they really are. Laugh if you want, but seriously... those suckers are tall. 


This house was pretty awesome, but ... well, to be honest... I just couldn't put my finger on it.

They spared no expense when it came to certain attributes or the house. The carpet, for instance....

We talked about it later, and thought a little more about it... only to discover our fellow medical house hunting comrades put in an offer on this house. I hope they get it so I can invite myself over for Halloween. 


This house could have really been something, and I wanted to like this house...

Butttttt.... it needs a little lovin' or at least a knock-down on the price. There were a couple of different of types of floors and four different types of animal heads. Don't get me wrong, I can get past the things on the wall when looking at a house (we'll get to that in a second), but the aardvark, antelope, artichoke, and boar's head starting me down intimidated me just a little. If we had bought this house, I think their spirits would have haunted it for years to come.

And I'm not an animal person. 

The neighborhood is near the club and golf cart distance to where the girls will spend most of their summer days and fall afternoons. My heart just wasn't in it.


Now, this house... this house we could have totally gotten behind. We both loved it. Large flat lot, boat building space, a porte coche (I love saying those words, even if I can't spell it), a gracious living room and a butler's pantry. I love butler's pantry.

It even had a sleeping porch. I have always wanted one of those. But, it only had three bedrooms. Truly, only three. On this footprint, there was no stretching it out to a fourth bedroom. We don't need a fourth bedroom, but if we grow- the house does not grow with us. And after the 54 page inspection report from the house that made our hearts sing... well, we were just a touch gun shy. So, we walked. 

Speaking of the butler's pantry... the kitchen was a touch choppy. For instance, the sink and stove were in the kitchen, as God intended. However, the dishwasher and fridge were in the butler's pantry. Like I said, choppy. 


But this house... oh, my heart was singing and doing a little jig:

It doesn't look like much, does it? Just a simple little house on a simple little street... but, with a kitchen like this: 

With marble that looks like this: 

How could it not just suck the breath right out of you? Two dishwashers, Two double sinks, Two ovens.... a microwave, a warming drawer, a Wolf stove... simply breathtaking. But there was just one teeny tiny problem.

Minuscule, really. 

It is in a flood plain. plane? Whatever. Bottom line- if Noah came a knockin', he'd be doing it underwater. 

We went back and forth about it until finally- we put it on the long list of eliminated houses. 


One of the fun things about being from the city upon which you will be moving to... is that there is an underground market. Things that do not make it on the market before they are already off the market. The inside scoop on who has passed away, getting divorced, or looking for a change. Several homes we saw this weekend were not on the market, and they were all lovely. There was one in a neighborhood near my parents neighborhood that was just amazing and priced to sell. They had a stove that showed the owner was serious about one thing- cooking. It was cool.  

It made the short list. 


But, we were riding around right before we left and saw the neighbor of this house in his yard: 

We asked him what he knew. We made a few phone calls and saw the inside. 

This place was a time capsule to 1966. They have a built in blender in the counter that still works. 
It has five bedrooms. Each with a different type of carpet.
A large pantry that leads into a large laundry room. 
A dining room, den... and a slate foyer that wraps around the living room leading to the back of the house.
Five sets of glass doors that lead out to the back patio where the pool sits. 
It has charm.

It has the need for a lot of work. 

And we want it.

Remember how I said I can get past the things on the wall? 

Yeah, buddy. No lie. That's hot. 

So, we put in an offer and be-bopped back and forth. We settled somewhere in the middle and are taking the initial steps to make this house our home and make it ours. 

It's going to be ferocious, but we won't be beat. It's going to be time consuming, but it will be amazing. 

I'm pumped. 

Next stop- Inspection. I'll keep you posted. 

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