Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Herding Kittens

I adore my almost four year old, but sometimes... it's like herding kittens to get anything done.

Sure, the easy thing would be to just do it myself- but what does that accomplish? (A clean house in half the time, for starters)

Today, I made investments at the Mom Mecca- Target. I totally got suckered into a purchase in the Easter aisle of a princess egg decorating kit. Googly eyes, mustaches, crowns and tiaras, not to mention the hairs and bows- it was a $5 royal royaldom.

LMC is over the moon about this project... but she has one. simple. job.

Just one before we can get started.

Put her clothes away.

That's it.

Sheesh, I know I am echoing the words of my mother from years prior right now.

She is so excited about the princess eggs that instead of putting away the few clothes that were on her chair, she threw them on the floor. And then took clothes out of her drawer and added them to the pile.

Mom, can we have class outside?

Oh, right... mom asked me to put my clothes away.

Hey! Look! There's my phone! I have a new Hello Kitty game.

Mom, why are you resting your head on the bed? That doesn't look very comfortable. HEY! You're resting your head on your phone. Don't do that, you'll break your screen.

I can make a belt with my tights.

Watch me dance on my sandcastle! (AKA... the pile of laundry on the floor)

Look at me, Mommy! I am all tangled up!

Walking away, half thinking it's funny and half thinking it's really annoying... I call Husband to let him know about the kittens that need herding in the house. After that call, I come back...

Hey Mom! I'm in my speedboat! Wanna ride? 

As long as you're taking me to the looney bin. 

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