Friday, March 1, 2013

A Gift.

I go to church. Not every Sunday, but we make it. I wish I could finish that sentence with "more often than not," ... but that wouldn't be entirely truthful.

Don't let my lack of attendance be a reflection of my belief.

Don't let my lack of effort on Sunday morning be seen as a manifestation from my Faith.

I know where my gifts come from and I know that I am lucky, very lucky, to have them. Holding my daughters, kissing their sweet noses and seeing them grow up so fast- it's all a gift.

A gift that I have received from Above.

My brother has been sick. He's getting better, but he is still on the healing side of the learning curve. But, he is here. He is here in this world be frustrated with and he is here on this side of the six feet to watch him relearn how to use his arm and see his body heal, helpless for me to assist beyond prayers.

It's a gift. It's a frustrating gift that might be seen as a curse. Instead of asking, "Why me? Why did you put this burden on me?" He has the ability to ask, "God, I might not see it yet. But, will you please allow me another day to find strength?" It's a gift.

My husband works so hard and I have seen several of our friends have a failing marriage because one side of the relationship is at the hospital more than they are at home. Money is slim. Hours are long. Rent is high. Babies cry. Toddlers throw tantrums. It's a frustrating burden to raise two girls just shy of single parentage. But, it's a gift to see him doing God's work with his God given talent and his God given hands. Our daughters adore him and he adores the three of us. The house is full of love and life-- and that's a gift.

It is a gift I do not take for granted.

It is a gift I cherish.

I love these little girls with all I have.

I love these men with all that I can.

No one said life was easy, but they do say it is a gift. And it truly is.

A gift.

Thank you, God. For these gifts you have given me. I have eyes to see, ears and a heart to hear and hands to work. If something befalls me, I will work hard to understand that it is all a gift- no matter how frustrating. Please be patient with me, I'm still learning.

Being on this side is a wonderfully disastrous and all encompassing gift.


Wanting What I Have said...

What sweet words and so true. It is indeed all a wonderful gift from above!

Deidre said...

They are all amazing gifts!