Sunday, February 3, 2013

The last few

The last few days, rather weeks, have been busy. 

The baby slept.

And last night it snowed. More than an inch fell. As soon as Husband got home from work, LMC and I were bundled and ready to head out into the wintry wonderfulness. LMC ran from corner to corner screaming, "I LOVE YOU SNOW!" It reminded me that while I expect so much out of her and get so frustrated with her when she won't (flat out refuses) to put on her pants, or brush her teeth, or insists on a pink plate instead of a green one-- she's just three. She's been on this earth a quick 45 months. 

After running around and round, getting colder and colder- we finally made our way back up to the apartment where she had the last cup of hot chocolate. We warmed our feet under a blanket before Husband and Wife had beef stew for supper. 

It was a fairy tale kind of evening. 

Our last night in Augusta, Mama hosted a sip and see for MB. It was a lot of fun to see my parent's pals all in one place and all at one time. SIL's parents came, BeBe and Pop. I love Bebe and Pop. They are such conversationalists and are always fun to be around. LMC loves BeBe and I really think she thinks that she has a third grandmother. Bebe treats her like one of her many granddaughters.

Thursday- two days before the sip and see- my in-laws came to town to meet MB.  I adore my FIL. He's a boatload of fun. Cook-a and Dude-ah have 11 grandchildren now with one more one they. My SIL, Catherine, is pregnant with their fifth child. I can't wait to meet her!

MB's birth is the first birth since Miss Lucille died and the first birth that my in-laws missed. We were all sad and reminded why we are heading back to Georgia- Family. FIL took to MB and MB took to FIL in a moment and were instant pals. She'll be his gardening assistant. I can already tell.

Before all this, Husband went to make a presentation at the national CCM conference in Puerto Rico. Mama came to town to help me with the two girls. While she was here, MB turned one month and we swore in Obama for a second term. We were completely landlocked on MLK day/Inauguration day/MB's one month birthday.

LMC and I made glitter letters and Mama cooked praline chicken. So yummy! 

A natural born Republican... 
 The day Husband left, I took Mama to the Basilica at Catholic University. It's a cool place and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something outside of the box and away from tourists. LMC asked, "It's okay I take pictures with your iPhone?" Sure, honey!

Figuring this was our one chance to get out of the house for a few days, we started at the National Arboretum- a place that very few go as it is not downtown, nor on the mall. I love taking LMC there as it gives her a chance to run in tall grass and get her willies out. It was cold, cold, cold and we eventually jumped ship for our indoor Catholic adventure.

A good few weeks!

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