Monday, February 11, 2013

Neighbors of the Year

We love our neighbors. Miss Kim and "Misser" Schaeffer moved into our old apartment and are just the two cutest little love bugs around. LMC adores Miss Kim and Miss Kim is pretty awesome with LMC. She is who I call when I think I might send my daughter to the moon.

She's a lifesaver.

So, the other day... I got a bee in my bonnet that we needed to do something nice for our wonderful neighbors. I contemplated making them a valentine day dinner... but thought that might be a little over the top. Instead, LMC and I made Miss Kim and Misser Schaeffer... and Moby the dog and incubating baby chocolate covered strawberries.

It was, surprisingly, easy. I mean, I know that seems like an obvious statement. But, it really was.

Melt chocolate




15 strawberries were dipped into yummy chocolate. Sprinkled with a little salt, they were just yummy.

14 were delivered. Hey, we had to make sure that our newest culinary adventure was not poisonous. Only to my thighs. Only poisonous to my thighs.

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