Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting out

I have had a seriously serious bout of cabin fever the last few days. I've been getting out, but no where far and no where fast. And certainly not by myself. Let alone with t-w-o kids. I have made a jaunt to the grocery store, where LMC pushed the basket and we picked up M&Ms and a loaf of bread (the necessities), but otherwise- we've been to school and home again. Husband is back at work and it's been me and the diapers, the laundry, and the very busy 3.5 year old.

Mom? It's okay I take a picture of da elle-a-FANT?
She'll be the first to tell you she is not three, "rather, I'm free and a HAFF!"

So, today is rainy but warm. Overcast but totally manageable. I made a decision last night, laying in bed. We were getting out of the house and heading to a museum. Even if it would kill me. Strapping on my tennies, running skirt and baggy shirt, we pile in the car and head out.

MOM! Take a picture of me with da bone!
After causing a pretty serious traffic jam to get a very-much-sought-after parking spot, LMC and I held hands with MB strapped on for our first 'benture post baby birthin'. Speaking of the traffic jam, did you know that drivers still "flick" other drivers off? And you know what happens when you smile and wave back at them and their gesture? Oh, let's just say a steady stream of expletives are woven into a lovely tapestry. At least, I assume that is what they are saying; fortunately these virgin ears could not hear, only see. ["Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave." -Madagascar]

LMC was beyond well-behaved, a wonderful contrast from the past few days and we had a delightful four hours running around one of our favorite spots in this town we call home. She asked to take a few pictures and I happily agreed.

It's okay we see the diamonds? ... Dat diamond is DUSTY! (yes it is...)
I was shocked at how few people were in the museum. One of the docents said that they hardly get any visitors, except school groups, in January. Good tip! I'm passing it along. We had the run of the place, which was good- because in a big crowd, I could not have run after LMC if she got away. 

LMC took this picture of [insert the name of the rock here] and I thought it was really cool. 

It was a good day, a good four hours with "just the three girls," as LMC said, "You, me and MB! We going on a 'BENTURE!"

Good day. Great day.

How many times have I stood in this exact same way? 

We will be land locked this weekend with the inauguration, so we are getting out now... while we still can.

No one I want to run into in a dark alley.

Leave it to a toddler to find all the nooks and crannies in a museum.

So old school.

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Way to GO!!! It's all easy from've conquered the hard part!!!