Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I'm going to write more soon

I feel bad that this blog is not well thought out, but I do feel like I need to let ye few but faithful out there know the following vital information:

(1) MB is here. She came at the crack of dawn to a very scared mother and a very calm father. I actually cussed at the anesthesiologist in the minutes following getting into the operating room- where I was laughing... and then crying, only before cussing.

(2) Brother has a name to go with the problem with his kidneys. FSGS is the burden he now carries. More on that later, but know that he has forward motion and forward motion is about as wonderful as you can ask for these days.

(3) We got home yesterday and I ....overdid it.... just a little bit (lot).... Today, well, today I have been sitting on the couch, intermittently napping and letting my mother and my husband carry the weight of Christmas. LMC opened presents and presents... and more presents. Over two hours later, we were still opening presents. This was the first Christmas that truly felt like our first family Christmas. We have had Christmases together- just the immediate Cagles- and those were wonderful and had the buddings of traditions, but this Christmas with LMC asking about Santa and cracking into presents all the while kissing her baby sister and saying, "Don't cry MB, I'm your big sister," really made my heart warm and spirit light.

(4) LMC has taken to MB like a fish to water. She adores her, wants to hold her, and give her kisses. She is enamored with the little baby, even if she doesn't understand why Mommy can't do so many things and cries when she jumps or hits my stomach. Let's just say- ouch.

(5) Um, Husband went above and beyond again this year- as he always does. Mackerel upon mackerel- he found a beautiful sterling water pitcher in the buttercup pattern. It. is. Stunning. Breathtaking. I love it. I love him. It's awesome. I can't wait to upload pictures.

I can't wait to upload pictures of everything.

It's been a wonderful few days, filled with the greatest of ups and the smallest of downs. The emotional roller coaster of post pregnancy hormones makes me both laugh and cry. But the love- the love I hold for my family is overwhelming and humbling.



When I have a computer, internet (it's been out now for a few days, I'm a little sad), and time. Those are the top three things I need to update more... soon.

Scout's Honor.

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! -- nb