Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Birthday and Trains

That husband of mine. That baby of mine.

LMC picked out an ah-mazing birthday present found in a blanket that is warm, cuddly, and perfect for snuggling with toddlers on the couch. I woke up on my ...thirty-second... birthday to LMC bringing in presents and saying "HAPPY BIRFDAY, MA-MEE!"

Oh, Husband. That husband of mine. He pulled out all the stops and bought me a new lens for my fancy schmancy camera. Now, let's be honest- I can take some pretty good pictures. I can also take some really bad pictures. I am more of a trial and error photographer than a studier of books. But, one thing I have learned- a good lens can make anyone a better photographer!

So, after a birthday on Saturday, a devastating loss for Georgia (four yards. four), a fabulous dinner at Liberty Tree Hill, and Husband letting me sleep in until after 9 on Sunday morning, LMC and I packed up on Monday and headed to the Botanical Gardens to see the trains. The high was in the mid 60s. It was a perfect day to be outside. Or inside a garden. What kind of 'benture could we find on this perfect Monday?

her face KILLS me!

There is something just adorable about little girls and how they hold hands. 
I got to play with my camera, LMC ran into a school buddy and got to play with her. We got to wave to the trains as they came and went, and we had a lunch date- just the two of us in the back of the gardens at a teak table, surrounded by the medicinal herbs that were on display for people to admire.

Peanut butt and jelly sandwich, lunch of champions!

only after a snack, of course.

After we bid adieu to our school friend, LMC wanted to take her hand at the camera and take a picture of the "caterpillar train" -- her very favorite. As she snapped, she screamed, "HELLO Cadderpelar train! I LOVEEE you!"

"Hello Little Fairy! I LOVVEEEEE YOU, TOO!"

She politely returned the camera and ran through the fairy tunnel, with a little Superman action.

And then, she took on some serious twirling abilities. She has some crazy, mad skills when it comes to twirling- thanks to Miss Heidi and the Holy Moly I Had No Idea Expensive ballet lessons.

Like I said, crazy skills when it comes to twirling.

Eventually, she grew weary of the trains, of Thomas, of the fairies, and other kids and wanted to go on an 'benture and then a "berry secret mission. SHHHHHH."

First, she found the frog? The dog? The topiary...

Then, she found her "E" and wanted to show some more ballet steps she had learned from the famous Miss Heidi.

I asked her what that big, pointy thing was over there.... "Wash-ENG-ton Mom-u-memnt" (yep)

She tore off to the Washington Mom-u-memnt... and then took off towards me. She loves to run and jump into your arms with a great big bear hug as a reward. It knocks us down. We love it. We just have to be ready for it to truly love it.

 As we continued on our 'benture, and started making our way outside-- I saw this:

And thought it was a pretty good idea. I really liked how they recycled their red wine corks. What a way to save Mother Earth... Mother Earth will fall in love with me all over again soon enough.

As we made it outside to find a maze, she continued to run, jump, twirl, and play- as if every December day has a high in the mid 60s. Complete with a Christmas dress.

However, she is still who she is... I looked down at my camera to adjust an adjustment and looked back up to see my perfect little lady doing something that, obviously, her father taught her...

But, she quickly went back to being my little lady and playing like a little lady should. You know, playing in a fountain. In DC. In December. Splashing.

And she was really having the best time, until she forgot where she was and put her leather shoed foot in the water to reach for something. She was unimpressed with herself and lots of tears ensued. She walked barefoot back to the car, with only the occasional carrying from the [very pregnant] mom.

Good Day.

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Caroline McLean said...

That picture with her dress around her waist made me laugh out loud. I was the same way as a child. Clothes? Who needs 'em? Adorable!