Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Pregnant Pause

Sigh. It's a sad day in the Cagle household.

I killed my computer.

I mean, like I killed it- dead. In the words of some famous movie-- "D-E-A-D-E"

We will have private burial in the backyard, and somewhere- in the distance- "Taps" will play. She and I had a good run at three years of fun, but we will move forward.

So, Life Of Cagle will have to take a short, pregnant pause while I ship off the hard drive to get it out and bring it back home. Like ashes for an urn.

In other news, we are scheduled to have a baby next Friday. Sweet! 12-21-12. The fun with numbers was not planned. Thatttttttt being said... my blood pressure has been on a pretty steady rise the past thirty something weeks, starting at obnoxiously low to now... high. Spilling proteins, triple digits, warnings of headaches high. My recommendation is not to put that 12/21/12 in stone just yet.

Doc saw me on Tuesday (my water had not broken, contrary to popular belief- you can do that embarrassing math), on Friday (scheduled, with a sonogram- I still had plenty of amniotic fluid), and again on Monday. The Monday appointment revealed a staggering three pound weight gain from Friday AND a BP of 140/86. Now, I am not savvy when it comes to systolic and the bottom number, but even I knew that was high. They drew some blood to check my liver enzymes and something else. We moved my last appointment up from next week to this coming Friday to see where my BP is and go from there. Fingers are crossed that both MB and I are healthy, as well as progression to the finish line continues at a rapid rate.

In other incubating news, carpal tunnel 2.0 has reared her lovely head and I now wear braces on both my wrists. It's sexy. Almost as sexy as the fact that Husband has been sleeping on the couch for longer than I should admit to. There is a reason for that.

I now... snore.


So loudly that the last time we slept in the same bed, I woke myself up from then noise. I thought his phone was vibrating. He had not fallen asleep yet. Sorry, honey. Nothing says love like a comfortable couch.

Humble pie, please- Table 4.

Speaking of our couch... it's a little, uh, low to the ground. MB has gotten so large (read: The incubator has not gotten large, rather the incubatee), that it has been ... um... difficult to get off of the low rise beauty to make the 18 trips to the bathroom- each time getting harder than the last.

We head off to the Shady Home Depot. We buy wood. We ask the nice man to slice the wood into eight 5 inch pieces for stilts. The Home Depot guy says he can't make cuts smaller than a foot. Husband tells him it's for me and that I can't get off the couch. My mouth drops and my eyes get wide.

Home Depot Guy agrees.

I die laughing, both from the truth and from embarrassment. Whatever, I can get off the couch with ease now, no complaints.

This pregnancy has been a tad more humbling than the last one-- at least in the superficial aspect. We all need grounding every once and a while. It's safe to say that I have been completely grounded.

Hell... Waitress! Just bring that whole Humble Pie over to Table 4. MB and I will be eating it. Grab some chocolate milk, too. If we're going down- we're going down in a blaze of glory.

Between the spiked blood pressure, the lost computer, and the impending baby- we're taking a breather. Not from want, but from necessity. It you see a post on Friday- you'll know something is up and plans are changing. Otherwise, next blog... BABY!

Let's get this show on the road! :)

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Woop woop!!! I CANNOT WAIT for your next post!!!!