Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Christmas Time in the City

The good news is that we only had one accident... and really, I was expecting many more with the three year old that was beyond excited to be helping us decorate the tree. 

Yep, that three year old: 

And, let's be completely honest... the Cagles were pretty excited to have our first real tree in, well, ever. Don't get me wrong, we've had trees (in Augusta). But, they were teeny, tiny trees because we were "livin' on love" and had to go to the short stack at the back of the lot. I placed the tree on a very large box and covered the box in burlap. It worked. 

And, let's be even more frank- this is the first Christmas since Cagle Christmas began that Husband will not have to work. He has either been on call or post call every single Christmas since we have been married- caring for those babies that could not go home. That's quite a few Christmases. Husband moved hell and high water to not have to work this Christmas. And, by the way, did you know that we will have a newborn? Being a Doctor's Wife is more than just manicures and hair appointments. Like I said- he had to move hell and high water to get the day off.

But he got it. And that's all I care about.

So, we decided to go big and grand. We bought a real tree. No rosemary bush for us. No vase full of twinkle branches. We are going obnoxious and decorating as if we had money to spend. After dropping  my parents off at the airport on Friday morning, we were the very first sale of the very first Christmas tree at Eastern Market. The eight foot fir was strapped to the top of the Tahoe and away we went.

 I did save a good bit of money on ornaments. Sterling forks, spoons, butter knives, and bon bon spoons are tied to hooks with brightly colored grosgrain ribbon. All from around the house. No money spent. Sweet.

Last year, when the Christmas decor was on sale after the holiday and they were getting ready for summer, I bought a bunch of sequin and sparkly sticks to stick in the tree (or whatever concoction I would come up with in 11 months) to make for a bold statement. Husband was not excited. They were $.10 each- I was elated.

The 40 ornament box of glass ornaments were on sale two weeks ago and we snapped up a box of those puppies before heading over the light department and picked up 750 white twinkle lights. They were the most expensive thing on the tree at a $15. Back in Augusta, we'd go to the scary Family Dollar store and pick up Christmas Lights in the shady part of downtown for $1. There's a new definition of shady after moving to DC... and that definition does not involve packing into the family sleigh to save $13.

The tree was assembled and LMC put on ornament after ornament- being so very careful to not break any(more). The three of us hung ornaments and sparkly sticks, and silver. It's a very... colorful tree.

It's a very ...youthful... tree. And it is our tree. Our eight foot wonderful Cagle Christmas tree complete with presents underneath.

Lots and lots of presents. LMC and I have been wrapping presents in craft paper and grosgrain ribbon since October that have been accumulating at the top of my closet since June. LMC has been a huge help holding ribbon, unwrapping ribbon, running ribbon down the hall and back again. pushing presents around the room, and otherwise just directing traffic.

Such a help.

I cleaned out the kitchen hutch and made it our mantle with greenery behind the little white houses. We hung our stockings on knobs and handles.

And took last year's twinkly lights and placed them throughout the greenery on the top, next to a vase full of plastic ornaments from last year. We used plastic ornaments last year to fill the same vase that was the base of our Christmas tree. It was tacky. And I loved it. Husband had other ideas.

Next year, we will have a traditional red and green Christmas tree with no sequins, no funky colors, and probably no silver hanging on the tree. But, this year-- our last year in the city-- we are trying to make the best with the budget we have.

It has been so wonderful to make this place home. And even more wonderful to have our Christmas up and out on the day after Thanksgiving for us to love, admire, and enjoy for a long time.

It really is the prettiest tree I have ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

It is the most delightful, colorful tree I have seen in quite awhile. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Julie (Elizabeth's mother-in-law)