Saturday, October 27, 2012

They Say a Hurricane's a'Brewin'

Friday morning found LMC and I running late to get ready for school when my phone started buzzing. Two text messages later, I see my mother is in a bit of a panic.

Apparently, there is a hurricane headed our way.

I call a friend who confirmed what I knew- Mickey Mouse stays on her television as much as it does on mine. She, too-- clueless about this hurricane business. Mom buzzes in on the other line and starts listing off the things that I need to get today.

Today. This morning. Now. 


After Bits picked up LMC for school, I grabbed my purse and did what my mom said.

I went to the store. Right Then.

Skipping the refrigerator aisle, skipping the freezer aisle, skipping things that need to be cooked, I slowly filled my buggy with Fat-Lady-Apocalypse-Survival "middle section of the grocery store" food. Long after we are gone, those Little Debbie cakes I bought will still be sitting somewhere waiting for archeologists to find them and hypothesize they are demigods wrapped in magical cellophane.

I grabbed water-- two gallons and a large pack of bottled waters. Lots and lots of breakfast foods were stowed as it seems those are the things that don't need to be cooked, refrigerated, and are quasi healthy. Healthy being a relative term.

Toilet paper was on super sale, so I picked up 3 large boxes. It was a good sale- and the idea of surviving a hurricane without TP is like thinking about surviving a snowstorm without mimosas and wine... oh, wait.

Chips, peanut butter, jelly, honey, chocolate chips, M&Ms, drinks, and all those "necessities" that will keep us from being hungry (and thin) are now safely put away in the cleverly organized pantry.

Bits went to Costco this morning and said she was in a three block car line- waiting to get into the parking lot. I recommended aborting, but she said she was getting closer. No report as to how crazy the inside was. I called Harris Teeter as Husband wanted to go pick up something and asked the pharmacy, "Is it a goat rodeo there?" She responded with a chuckle and a, "Is this Mrs. Cagle?" (yes....apparently, I'm the only one in this town that uses the term 'goat rodeo') "Oh, Mrs. Cagle it's pretty damn crazy around here. If it isn't vital, don't."

Husband came home this afternoon and we made a plan. Probably all for nothing, but we have a plan just in case. Husband is packing an extra set of clothes and food as he might end up having to stay at the hospital through Tuesday. He is on call tomorrow and this "big rain storm" should hit Monday.

Did I mention that I am pregnant? And obnoxiously uncomfortable? And sleeping like it's somebody else's business? But napping like it's only my business? If the power goes out, LMC and I will have a staring contest. After, of course, we clean out the cabinets and organize the closets, and teach her how to knit, and alphabetize our DVDs, color every page in our coloring books, and maybe play hide and go seek in the very dark hallways... maybe not. Only then, will we have the promised staring contest.

I'm a champ at losing power in this town. Not a champ at hurricanes, but at power loss- I'm your gal.

Harris Teeter was out of water this morning, as I saw while eating breakfast with LMC. And yet, still plenty of toilet paper and wine. These people do not know how to prepare for a storm.

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