Monday, October 1, 2012

A great day

Yesterday, Husband made a decision that we needed to pack snacks, a blanket, a pink ball and head to the National Mall. Only so many days are left before it will be too cold to run around outside, he reasoned. The stroller was loaded, the little girl's shoes were on, and off we rode to spend the morning surrounded by history and sunshine.

He chased her and chased her.

As she chased the ball

While I discovered from behind the lens that I no longer had a baby, and no longer a toddler- rather a little lady, growing everyday.

WHO is this child? Where did my baby go? 

But, could a mom be so lucky to have such a lovely little lady as a daughter? 

He chased her some more

She wanted to touch the big pointy thing- "you know, da Washington Mom-u-ment" Husband walked her all the way there and carried her all the way back.

I was unable to catch the third helicopter-- but when there are three, it means the Prez is on his way somewhere. Only in DC!

After riding her Golden Horsey, she ran all the way back to tell Ma-mee about how beautiful her horse was!

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Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Awww! She definitely isn't a baby anymore! She's a little lady for sure!
Great pics!