Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 weeks

10 weeks....

Ten weeks left of twitchy legs, wobbling to sit down on the ground and extruding much effort to get back up again. 
Ten weeks left of going to bed in the hopes of "catching" ten hours of sleep. 
Ten weeks left of tall glasses of milk instead of wine.
Ten weeks left of wearing clothes on the right side of my closet that are a little larger.
Ten weeks left of being okay with weight gain, rather than weight loss. 

Ten weeks until we have a second daughter.
Ten weeks until we count ten fingers....
        ten toes....
                    .... and see two clear blue eyes staring back at us.
Ten weeks until I start juggling two, instead of just the one.
Ten weeks until I go back to the hospital to get under the knife- this time with more anticipated fear, but a hopefully far less fearful experience.
Ten weeks and change until we take our new baby home to her Big Sister, who is already so excited about the new baby.
Ten weeks until we start changing diapers, leaky mother parts, sleepless nights, and all the internal joy that comes with the bodily pain that comes with that precious new baby girl.

Ten weeks!

Oh, ten weeks- I shall fervently count you down as we move closer to having two precious daughters that we will do our very best to raise right. Ten precious weeks left.

Halloween will be here in three weeks. Thanksgiving will come in six weeks- bringing with it my parents on a plane. December will be a welcome addition to the calendar, with the blustery cold and maybe some snow. And then we will bring her home to tuck in her warm bed, shower her with kisses and love.

Just like we did with her sister. Except now, there will be one more to give her kisses and show her love.

All it takes is one thing-- and lots of it. Time.

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