Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Y'all! It's FALL!

I've been thinking about fall since the first really hot day. It was 99 degrees in the garage with no air circulation. LMC was showing me how she could hop in and around the car. It was hot. Damn hot, as my aunt would say.

And then, my mind drifted to cooler times known as fall. Fall is just beautiful up here. The leaves lackadaisically change from green to the colors of the season. The breeze is cool and the air is perfect hovering in the seventies. Cool enough for jeans or a long sleeved shirt, but certainly not both.

Now- here we are. The windows are open and the breeze catches in our curtains. LMC and I just got back from the roof where we snipped rosemary and branches for an arrangement. Yesterday, I pulled out a large vase and filled it with autumn ornamental balls. My little turkey runner and dish clothes are about to be pulled out and ironed before being placed on the table and oven- where they will, most certainly, get in the way.

The bathing suits are still within reach, but mostly they are in a box up top on a shelf. Our home smells like a harvest, thanks both to the rosemary and fall scented candles.

It's fall.

This afternoon, or maybe this weekend, LMC and I are going to trace our hands and make turkeys to hang on those same branches we just snipped. We'll surprise Husband with our handy-work. Get it... hand-y?

Last night after dinner of chili and cornbread, LMC and I were laying on the couch watching tv and the breeze was blowing in from outside. She looked at me and said, "I gonna be a good big sister. I no drop her. I hold her and kiss her. She be a sweet baby." Husband and wife smiled. "Mama? She gonna cry?" I replied that, "Yes. She will. But, we will love her back to happiness."

"I help?"


"It's okay I put my arm around her right now?"

Sure, sweet potato.

"It's okay I kiss her?"


Thanks, Mommy.

It's fall. And I am looking forward to the walks outside, sleeping with the windows open, simmering soups on the stove, sipping warm drinks, and enjoying the wonderfulness that this season brings. It's our last one up here- so we better make it count. Soon enough, I'll be laid up post surgery, snuggling two sweet ones, and making plans for spring. But, right now-- it's fall. Made just right for the two Cagle girls.

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