Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sallie Berry Merry

I just cannot get over that name-- Sallie Berry Merry. It's like being named Mary Merry. Granted, I knew a family with George George I-IV. George first name and George last name. For five generations. Everyone rolls their own way... says the girl who is having a daughter with Benjamin in the name.

So, I don't really know that much about Sallie Berry Merry, but am under the impression that she was one of nine children. Yep, nine. And she married my uncle, Horace Merry. They lived in Kentucky after they got married and until they both died. Horace- from a massive massive heart attack in the wee years of middle age and Sallie from, well, old age. Sarah Louise Berry went by Sallie.

All this to say-- I found a picture of her last night! At least now, when I think about her or "work" on her- I can put a face with the name. Check it out:

That's Sallie on the far left-- with the big hat and long pearls. The little kiddo leaned against her is her little sister, Dorothy Jean Berry (Rohn). Dorothy is the woman I spoke with way back in college who told me about those bodacious dinner parties where Sallie gave away her MIL's buttercup silver.

This picture was taken at the wedding of Edith Berry and Paul Arnold (1925)- Edith's in the veil. Pretty, right? I think Dorothy is just cute as a button. And the groomsman standing behind Sallie looks like a good time guy. I would have let him buy me a cocktail. He probably tells tall tails and has an entourage of people that adore him. All that from a smile. I wonder what his name is?

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