Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Holy Estrogen, Bat Girl.

10 fingers.
10 toes.
4 chambers in the heart.
All parts to the brain.

That is all we asked for. Anything else is just gravy. We have fingers, toes, chambers, and parts accounted for.

And the gravy is- it's no longer an "it" ... she is a she!

When our ultrasound tech pointed and said that we are having a girl, LMC responded with a, "No. We havin' a BOY! His name is Rose!" Ivory (u/s tech) told LMC to "Tell Baby Rose that she is a she and not a he!" We laughed and I asked her to double check.

She double checked, then busted out the 3-D thingy free of charge (salesman-- right here) and we saw our precious little girl sucking her thumb, giving herself a hug, and bouncing all around her warm home that is both getting larger by space and smaller by room as she grows.

I called mom while laid up on the table. On speakerphone, I said, "Mama! Ask Ivory what we are having!" Mom obliged and Ivory answered. Ivory thinks we are crazy.

It's a she! Now, to find a store in DC that sells smocked dresses and not just overpriced baby clothes-- that's going to be the trick. (I saw a $65 onesie today... the clerk said it was reversible, hence the price. I laughed)

Take care, sweet pea. Stay warm, grow big and strong. We will see you in December!


Lauren said...

Congrats! Oh, girls are such fun. :)

Family Snodgrass said...

:) :) :)