Monday, August 27, 2012

Totally Bragging

Not too long ago, I read on a friend's blog that she once received advice about raising a family. (Advice about child rearing or families- unless sough out- should typically be ignored and avoided... in my humble opinion) The long and the short of the advice was that you, as a single family unit, should take a family vacation once a year. It does not have to be extravagant or fancy- but it should be an opportunity to gather as a family and make memories... as a family.

I clearly remember taking family vacations with just my brother and my parents. I also remember taking vacations with my mom's three sisters... their husbands... and children... my grandparents... and great aunts long since widowed... the bourbon flowed like water. Those were fun, too- but a different kind of fun than when it was just mom, dad, and us.

Husband and Wife have spent a long time talking about how LMC's world is about to be flipped upside down. Not only is she gaining a sister in just a few short months, but a few months after that- we pack our bags and head out to find new adventures in a new home. A home completely unfamiliar to her.

We came to the conclusion before I read her blog that a family vacation was in order. Her blog only made me feel better about our decision.

And it should be a grande one.

One that should be about us as much as it should be about her. One that made us all happy and want to return.

We packed our bags and headed South. Way South. Down to Port Canaveral and onto a boat with mouse ears and characters and a television that plays all Disney cartoons ALL the time. Just the three of us.

It was amazing. I got to rub five days together with Husband with no distractions from work, the internet, television, or a cell phone. LMC got to rub those same five days together with both a mom and a dad who doted, loved, and did everything she wanted to do, short of letting her get away with not brushing her teeth. We spent a lot of time in Nemo's land, swimming in the deep blue sea, and eating chocolate donuts washed down with chocolate milk for breakfast.

It was a great trip and much needed to revitalize the three of us as we prepare to sprint off of third and slide into home. So allow me a moment to brag and show some highlights of our adventure.

As we kiss this summer good-bye, I have to wonder what will happen over the next 12 months. I have to ask where we will be, what will this child growing become and the one incubating be. I have to ask, to wonder, and count on the memories we make to sustain us through the days when life won't be so easy.

We saved. And saved. And clipped coupons. And Husband worked several moonlighting shifts to pay for this trip. And the 'rents (or in-laws, if you are Husband) contributed a portion for our early Christmas present as we won't be able to attend the already scheduled 3 day cruise in December. And it was all worth it to get to spend five days unencumbered by nothing more than remembering to reapply sunscreen and kiss sweet LMC good-night.

I didn't snap that many pictures. I downloaded three books... and read 8 pages. I had every intention of seeing if I could break my camera and read until my eyes fell out. However, I failed at both- but succeeded in doing something so much more fun and better for myself and my family.

It was a good trip and a great opportunity to spend time together as both a family and as a couple. Might I suggest it to anyone?

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