Saturday, August 4, 2012

I don't know if you can call twice a tradition

When we found out LMC was a she, Husband and Wife drove to a little children's boutique near our house and spent a silly amount of money on smocked dresses and preciously overpriced things for our future little one.

Truly, they were adorable. Truly, they were expensive. Truly, we could not have afforded one thing had they not all been on sale.

This time around, Husband and Wife walked up and down Georgetown trying to find a similar boutique to throw away our money on an obnoxiously overpriced out-FIT. Still not being able to afford it, we can go the eBay and hand-me-down route for everything else. This day was a celebration- we had a girl on the way!

The intended store had been seized- literally- by DC for not paying over $200k in back taxes. (Further inspection revealed this to be a blessing as their website showed the least expensive article of clothing was $98. How they can charge $98 for a dinky dress and not be able to pay their taxes is beyond me.) The second store was boarded up, apparently the first store had run them out of business. Vineyard Vines smallest size was a 2T... not helpful. We decide to abort our mission at Georgetown, grab lunch and head over to Dawn Price in Eastern Market.

The lunch locale did not open until noon and it was 11:30.

Apparently, Georgetown did not want our money.

Which was fine with us, as I knew Dawn Price was having their annual sale. After a celebratory lunch at Box Car, we cross the street and start picking out the smallest of the small pink jammies, dresses, and sweaters- most of which were on sale. Only two items we bought were over full price- 2 pair of the softest pajamas with the tiniest little homes for her future little toes. $60 for the two pair.

$120 for the rest of the goodies. The Cagles proudly left with our overstuffed Dawn Price bag without a single smocked dress. I'll have to hop on eBay for that.

In other news, we have a name. It's a good one, too. We're just sitting on it for a few weeks more before we seal it in embroidery thread on those tiny bloomers that cover up her little diapers. Girl, oh, GIRL! Two girls in this house... poor Husband is going to be overwhelmed with the estrogen.

YIKES! I just looked at the clock... more later!

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Aleasha said...

The clothes are darling and precious! I can not wait to see pictures of this newest little Cagle! And you can totally call it a tradition!!