Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We have lost our power more than once in this fair town we call home. At no time did I ever say, "Gee-- that Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints commercial from the 90s was right- we should cut off the power more often. It really brings us together as a family."

We rely on power for our gadgets- those gadgets which help us pay the bills, spend time with our family, find enjoyment, and ways of communication with those that live so far from us. Without power, we are on our own island, waiting for the flag on the horizon of the coast guard. Having lost power in both the summer and the winter, I much prefer the winter outages to the summer as food was moved to the balcony to keep cold and extra blankets were added to the bed. LMC and I spent time reading, playing, and finding adventures while Husband worked at the hospital with generators for the generators.

The summer outages... those are the worst. Food goes bad almost instantaneously. People are grumpy. There is no relief from the heat. Cold showers don't cut it. Sleep is a thing of the past and cold showers don't even cause the sweat to break. You become a nomad, packing a days worth of clothes and trudging from hotel to hotel with your toddler and wine in tow. Still on the island- still waiting for the coast guard. Still without internet and a phone. My eye twitches just thinking about it. Our next house will have solar panels. Lots of 'em.

This is the first major power outage where we [knock on wood... knock on wood... knock on wood] have not lost our power. It's flickered. It's thought about it. But, it's held on by whatever tiny thread it has. And this pregnant girl with a three year old is eternally thankful to the power gods who decided to cut us some slack and give us a break.

So, to those two million out there in the DC/MD/VA area who lost their tether to the world- I know your pain. I feel it. It will end, I promise. Have a bbq with the food that hasn't spoiled yet, or at least invest in a really big cooler.

I'm just glad it isn't us.


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