Sunday, July 29, 2012

Homeward Bound

Husband, Wife, and Child are sitting in the Augusta airport, having booked our flight in the late hours of last night- a stark contrast to the wee hours of Monday morning. While the price did not change, the situation did.

As I sit and type with a storm looming in the oversized windows, Brother is packing his bags. They are removing heart monitors, detaching wires, and giving SIL strict instructions that involve low salt, no alcohol, no swimming, and lots-- LOTS-- of rest. The doctor said a second time politely, but firmly, no visitors. Just because he is being discharged does not mean there is not healing that still needs to take place.

It was a surreal moment earlier this afternoon when Brother pitched the idea to the doc if he could be sprung today. She responded with a, "I don't see why not..." and just like that, we were on the way off the fourth floor and out of the hospital.

Husband and Wife were dumbfounded watching the  magician with his old charm wave his wand. A few phone calls to SIL, one to my parents and everyone was knocked over in an absolute state of shock.

Brother has a new set of limitations for the moment. Being a salesman and selling ice to eskimos ain't one 'em.


A special thank you to those that have cared for my family both in and out of the hospital and in and out of Augusta, in both words and deeds. I cannot express the amazing feeling of love and home as friends, family, and people I did not know- but knew my brother- came out to show support, offer assistance, bring food, and do any number of things to help without being asked. Sometimes, nothing more than just quietly sitting in the waiting room next to us as we sat and waiting went farther than you knew.  

The nurses, doctors, therapists, and other graduates of medical schools were, simply put, competent and kind. We are fortunate, so very fortunate, to have these people in a place we are lucky enough to call home.

Home-- sometimes it is more than just a noun, rather a clear cut adjective.


Brother's kidneys and weakness on his left side will be treated at an outpatient level. I will continue to post on his progress as I see fit. Take no news as good news.

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking time to follow us as we wait for the champion to improve. I have tried my best to keep everything in perspective and relay. Seeing the amount of people that care for my brother and checking back here - over 1,000 hits in one day- made me proud to call him family.

It is both happy and sad that so many of us are Homeward Bound today.


Family Snodgrass said...

Hooray! So happy to hear this news. We look forward to seeing y'all soon.

Janlafrance said...

Rachel, many thanks for keeping all of us updated on Brad. I am so glad to hear that he is home with his family. I am sure this will speed up his recovery. You are the best Little Sis I know. My prayers are still with all of you during this healing time.