Saturday, July 7, 2012

Four Blogs

I should have posted these as they happened, but... things are busy around here. Sorry.

It's summertime, I cannot imagine what caused me to be so distracted....


July 3rd found LMC and MOM in the kitchen preparing our Fourth of July menu which including homemade strawberry ice cream and baked potato salad. Baked potato salad because it has bacon, scallions, and sour cream. Yum.

 Homemade strawberry ice cream is one of my most favorite things. While not a raging fan of strawberries, nor of regular strawberry ice cream-- combine the homemade bliss with sugar, cream, and vanilla and toss in fresh strawberries... Holy Mackerel, not to be missed.

We cooked. I took pictures.

I sliced strawberries. She ate strawberries. I measured sugar. She poured sugar. I sliced more strawberries. She ate more strawberries. I measured milk and cream. She poured milk and cream. I sliced even more strawberries. She ate even more strawberries.

What doesn't sound amazing about bacon and homemade ice cream?
As the ice cream percolated in the ice cream maker, I cooked bacon. She ate bacon as she licked the ice cream spoon. A perfect combination if you ask me.


As we wind down our wonderful time here, we finally got around to seeing a concert on the West Lawn of the Capitol. Actually, it was the dress rehearsal- but so much better than the real thing; a fraction of the crowd, a more relaxed atmosphere, and just bits and bits of greatness.

LMC and I trekked down early as Husband was working late. I packed a picnic supper for sandwiches, chips, and lots and lots of water in the cooler as the mercury continued to creep closer to triple digits. There was no denying the heat and I pitied the poor guy sitting next to us who carried 7 pizzas eight blocks to get here. That had to be hot.

It was one of those timeless moments; moments that I wanted to stop the clock, freeze time, and encapsulate this moment of family perfection for all eternity. LMC wore a red and white seersucker sailor dress and, literally, ran circles around our blanket with a level of energy never before seen.

Husband walked from the apartment and we were happy to have him join us. As I snapped 285 blurry pictures trying to catch her running, LMC ran circle after circle and making friend after friend.

Her dinner consisted of Chee-tos, potato chips, 'Nilla Wafers, water, and Goldfish. Dinner of champions, I know. Music from the live orchestra rang out and songs about Yankee Doodle, a Grand Old Flag, and the stars with those stripes made me both happier and sadder than I had been in a long time.

LMC while singing the National Anthem-- hand over her heart like Mama and Daddy
Happy for the experience; sad to leave it.

Isn't he dashing? I think so

Halfway through the show, a woman came over the loud speaker, announced impending weather, and sent the crowd on their way. We were packed up and off the lawn in under a minute, moving like the wind. As we walked up to the car and loaded the last bag, the rain came.  

Even with the heat.

Even with the humidity.

Even with Husband's work keeping him longer than anticipated.

Even with the heat.

Did I mention the heat? 

Even with my failed attempts at the fancy camera and the 285 blurry pictures.

It was perfection.


Shortly before the fireworks started, Husband and Wife sat in lounge chairs with LMC cuddling up on her da-dee's chest. As I sipped an O'Doul's and Husband with his Miller Lite, I half jokingly, poked out my bottom lip and said, "MIR! I don't wanna go home." Husband- in his infinite wisdom, smiled, took my hand and said, "Honey, we are home," meaning that while home will constantly be an evolution of our address, home is with each other.

And that's going to be amazing.


I can't remember. This is why I should post these things more often.

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Shane said...

She is too darling and getting SO big!! I hope you are still enjoying it in DC! I miss it big time :(

ps. Your pool status updates never cease to amaze me :) Are you still at the same apartments?