Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blog 3.1

Sorry about this... but I completely forgot the best part about the Fourth of July...

So, there we were-- a family of three watching the fireworks and LMC clapping her hands, unable to contain herself, saying, "BIG BOOM! Mama! BIG BIIIIIIGGGGG BOOM! Daddy, LOOK!"

Once they concluded, we turned around to watch fireworks in all directions popping off from twelve stories below. LMC slowly started to wind back down into Husband's shoulder. After the fireworks started to fade, we rounded up our gear and made our way back to the seventh floor. Husband said, "I don't want it to end. Let's open the windows!"

Our sofa sits under a large window facing the Basilica. The past two years, Husband and Wife have sat on the balcony watching the fireworks go off around the Basilica after the show upstairs. Having no balcony in our new apartment -- and no complaints about this -- Husband, Wife, and LMC sat with our knees on the sofa and our noses pressed to the glass. Like three children waiting to see Santa Claus, every few seconds one of us would say, "Look! LMC! Over there!" and our heads would careen in a new direction.

LMC pointed and said, "I like the green ones the best."

After a lightening quick bath, she was in my arms, fast asleep, dreaming about the green ones popping off into the sky.

Since the fourth, she has looked out the window, careening her head this way and that and saying," Fireworks all gone? Where fireworks go?"

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