Friday, July 27, 2012

A super fast one

I am going to go into the nuts and bolts of it when I have a few more minutes and can collect both my thoughts and the medical jargon (a la Husband) needed to give a thorough update over the last 24 hours- all positive.

BUT, how can I not share good news when news is good?

Last night, several things happened.

First, Dad took his turn at the wheel- spending the evening at the hospital with Brother. And Dad has this certain "Dad" quality that you just can't ignore. He can shake magic out of almost any tree. Past our bedtime, my phone buzzes softly beside me lighting up my darkened room. It is a picture of Brother, sitting up in the bed... smiling. Smiling that smile that is known and loved throughout the lands. Smiling that smile with both sides of his lips curved in that devilishly upright twist - the one that can't be resisted.

That smile that makes your heart melt- the one that has not been 100% since Sunday night. That smile.

Second, this morning we received a blow by blow report from Brother's roommate. Not only did he have a good night, he walked- unassisted- to the bathroom. Not that I did not believe it, but to see it with my own two eyes, words can't explain how proud I was and the smile on my face.

Third, the nuclear test showed a little something or other (more on that later)- and he is going to end up having that heart cath, after all. That is scheduled for this afternoon.

Forward motion. That's all we need. All I ask for. That and the smile.


Jessica C said...

Three cheers for your hard working bro and magic dad! And for the loyal sis of course. Lots of prayers over here and so happy to hear the updates!

Family Snodgrass said...

So glad to hear the good news of the beginnings of recovery. Still praying for all!