Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Quiet Day

On one hand, I want to extend an apology-- something along the lines for not updating sooner. But, on the other hand, we have to assume that no news is good news. And, in this case- how 'bout we hope that is the case? 

Yesterday, Mama informed me that I was getting my hair cut and colored today at 11am. I went in kicking and screaming, as all I wanted to do was be near my brother. A surprising level of comfort can be found in those straight back chairs by the elevators. The constant flow of doctors, nurses, people, and deliverymen find a repetition that is both comforting and calming. If I could spend the night here, I probably would. 

But, Mama made orders and I knew better than to question them. Husband dropped me off before heading out on an adventure, just Daddy and Daughter. A message from the same woman who booked this appointment let me know that Brother had a bad headache.

My feet start twitching under the smock. 

Under the dryer, Brother asks to see LMC at some point today. SIL and I make a plan to bring her by in the evening. I'm not holding my breath.

A CAT scan has been ordered. 

I start tapping my fingers and incessantly flick my phone from on to off and back to on again. My feet are tapping and I try to hold still. 

Husband comes through the doors with LMC and her new purple shoes. "Ma-Mee, you are SO beau-Tee-full." Maybe I needed that cut and color, after all. Even Husband said, "Honey, you look a million times better." Yep, a cut and color were definitely in order. LMC had ice cream for lunch and $60 worth of new shoes. Daddy-Daughter adventures can always be beneficial.

By the time Mama's hairdresser finished, I am more than ready to drop LMC off with a friend and stake my claim to the chair in the waiting room. We drive down Walton Way and I tell Husband how selfish I feel for taking an hour to myself as we did not come here for a regular "catch up" visit. Husband reminded me that since Tuesday morning, other than sleeping, I have not left the hospital- not like my parents or SIL- but sitting close, wanting nothing more than to be near my champion.

A phone call as we get in the car reveals that the CAT scan was clear and all was normal. His headache was just that- a headache. Nothing more.

He has spent most of this day sleeping. Friends have dropped in to say hello and offer their assistance as needed. Husband, ever the hero, has sat beside me in his equally comfortable chair playing any number of games on his phone. It's been a good, quiet day.  

So, that's it. I have no significant updates-- other than the following:

(1) My hair looks a lot better (top priority on your list, I'm certain...)
(2) Brother has gotten daytime naps down to a cold science
(3) The best news yet... the gypsies are here! I don't think their Queen is sick, but someone high up the food chain is on Brother's floor. They come and go in flocks. While I have only seen a handful of the male persuasion-- I have seen plenty of high heeled little girls in patent leather and plenty of hair sprayed hair. By the end of this, I like to think that maybe I'll speak the language. Maybe? Either way, it's all going on the good news list. 

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