Monday, June 11, 2012

This Morning

My eyes fluttered open sometime before 7am-- not long before, though. I heard a little pitter patter of bare feet in the hallway. I roll over in my empty bed, nestled under a large feather blanket and surrounded by large pillows. Instantly, sleep overtakes me again.

What I thought was ten seconds later was actually about 40 minutes. Curiously, I look around. Is LMC awake or did I just dream those noises?

"LMC?" I call out.

"Hi, Mommy!"

"Come here, please," I say.

Rapid pitter patter from around the corner and the little three year old runs into my room-- covered in white powdered sugar.

"Well, hi there."

"Hi, Mommy! Guess what?"

"You had donuts for breakfast?"

"YEAH! One-Two-Three-FOUR! Four donuts!"

Still in my bed, it dawns on me that I cut off all the lights in the house before I went to bed. They are not that way anymore.

It appears that LMC woke up this morning, flipped the lights, made herself breakfast, and did the laundry. Kidding about the laundry. Serious about the breakfast.

So-- maybe independence can look good on a toddler.

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