Sunday, June 24, 2012

Morning Time

My bed time is shortly after LMC's these days- which is good, because her rendezvous with the day is anywhere from 6:27-6:42.

My alarm clock is a solid thud of her short pink stool in the hallway followed by a soft pitter than a little patter as she steps up. A click, click, click ensues from the three light switches for the den. A second thud, a second pitter and patter, and then three more clicks as the lights in the kitchen illuminate her morning.

A soft hop off the stool and she runs back to her room to grab a friend for Husband.

LMC steps out of her bedroom again. I imagine she looks up and down the hall before the pittering and pattering are in high gear running into our room and finds Husband on his side of the bed.

"HI Daddy! I brought you [insert name of whichever friend she chose here]"
"Hi LMC," He says with grogginess, "Do you want to climb up?"
"Yes, please."

And so starts our morning.

1 comment:

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Lol! Sounds like a great start to the morning!
It will be nice when she's a teenager…then you'll have to drag her out of bed! Or so I hear… I'm not a mommy yet! :)