Saturday, May 19, 2012

To Dance

LMC is a big fan of dancing.

All kinds.

What she lacks in hip-hop (she got that from me), she makes up in rhythm (she got that from Husband). In the evenings, she has two tutus- one red and one green, which she dons with the matching jammies, rotating between Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the red and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for the green. Sundays, I insist she wear an actual nightgown, sans tutu.

We dance in the kitchen. We dance in the den. We dance with music and we dance without music.

She makes an excellent dance partner. We have fun with the music too loud and the smooth motown sounds filling our apartment and wafting out the windows when Husband is on call.

So, I have been thinking about putting her in a summer dance class. Up here, there are two kinds...

Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet.

She's going to one. They're almost the same price. They're at almost the same time on Saturday. I just do not know what the difference is- isn't it just going to be a bunch of three year olds running around in pink tutus and pink leotards? Unless you are LMC... then it will be either green or red, depending on the day.

Thoughts? Can you please help a non-graceful girl out?

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